Mummy Makes – Rug for Emmy’s Bedroom

Last week I was sent a Ruffle Rug kit to play with and I couldn’t wait to get started.  This kit is aimed at children aged 7+ however I had no intentions of letting Emmy play, I wanted something creative to do while waiting for baby to arrive.  I’ve always loved cross stitch, sewing and painting however since having Emmy these have taken a back burner and slowly been forgotten, so this was a great way to easy myself back into making gently.

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Inside the pack was a multi coloured rug, 4 plastic needles and lots of multi coloured strips of t-shirts and some very simple instructions.

All you needed to do to create your own personalised rug was thread a strip of t-shirt onto the needle and pass under the white thread in the rug, pulling the strip of material through, then leaving 2 fingers worth of material thread under the next white thread which leaves a loop.

I started in this way, however once you have finished a row you then go back and cut in-between the loops you have just made.  I decided this would be a very bad idea as the rug was for my 2 year old and I know her far too well – she would think nothing of pulling out all of my hard work so I actually went back and redid my first row, leaving only 1 fingers worth of material and not cutting in-between, leaving the loops intact.  This means it is much harder for my monkey to undo it all if she is in a bad mood, cross with Mummy or just being annoying.

The instructions come with a few ideas which you could follow such as a heart design, checkered squares, initials or a multi coloured stripy rug.  I decided to do my own design.

(Left: coloured rug straight from box with t-shirt strip ready to use, Right: Emmy trying hard to sew)
(Left: first attempt with loops 2 finger width, Right: 2 rows with loops 1 finger width)
I actually got so caught up with my design and sewing that I forgot to take pictures as I went along and this rug took me 2 evenings to complete.  I’m rather pleased with the end result.

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Mummy Makes a Rug for Emmy’s Room

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