Mummy needs her sleep

Harry is now 5 months old and night times have been a challenge from very early on do to his reflux.  He couldn’t settle at night time, would only sleep if firmly held and on me either being cuddled in my bed or being breast fed constantly all night long for the comfort to relieve his pain.

Due to this I removed myself from my bedroom and into Emmy’s room as she had moved into my bed and Harry being awake all night long was keeping her awake.  She refused to move back to her room as she thought she was missing out on something (believe me she wasn’t) but she couldn’t see this.  So for the sanity of everyone Harry and I moved into Emmy’s room while she had the kingsize with Daddy.

This odviously wasn’t ideal but it worked and eventually I was able to move Harry out of Emmy’s single bed and into a swinging crib and he would finally sleep, well for an hour or two anyway.

A while again I recieved an email which actually make me laugh out loud and made Paul laugh too.  I was asked if I would like to take part in a sleep survey being run by Silent Night.  Initially I was going to say no as I had forgotten what sleep actually felt like however I thought I would challenge them to see if they could help me sleep better.

I completed a very short survey on my sleeping habits, or lack of them and then they send me a ‘sleeping aid’ of their choice to try for a week. 

I recieved a cooling eye mask to be worn in bed.  Inside is a gel pouch which can be cooled in the fridge or in the freezer for an hour then inserted into the mask.  The back of the mask has microcapules inside the fibre which continuously release Aloe Vera to the eyes, this can be used up to 300 times.

What is says on the box:
What benefits does fabric with Aloe Vera provide for my skin?
An independant labortory has proven tht after one week of wearing this kind of fabric with Aloe Vera on a daily basis, there is an increase of 27% in the skin moisture

What benefits does fabric with Vitamin E provide for my skin?
Ultravoilet rays, air pollution, smoke, alcohol, electric smog and unhealthy food, all cause free radicals, which attack all of the vitally important cell structures of the human skin.  Protection can be achieved through the Antioxidants, to which also vitamin E belongs to.

I have used this for over a week now and I honestly couldn’t tell you whether it has helped or now.  Yes I am getting much more sleep, however I have been on holiday so both children have been worn out and I have relaxed and unwound. 
Emmy slept in her own room on holiday and Harry slept in a travel cot and actually slept from 11pm-3am most nights so I was able to get a long undisturbed period of sleep.

Since returning from holiday we have now moved both children into their own rooms so I now have a comfy bed to sleep in (well comfyish as we need a new matress but at least I can spread out a bit) and Harry is generally sleeping from 9pm-3.30am in his own bed.

I’m not sure I have been of much help on the sleep survey if I’m honest but I am sleeping again and that to me is all that matters!

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