Munchkin Click Lock Cup – Review

Emmy loves to have a drink with her at all times, this means in the car, in the house, in bed and also out-and-about.  This used to mean leaks, wet patches and tantrums (from her and me!).

That was until we received the Click Lock Insulated Straw cup from Munchkin.

This is a 9oz fully insulated drinking bottle with a brand new click lock closing system, you can not only see the cup is closed and sealed but you can hear when it ‘clicks’ into place.  Featuring a flip top straw Emmy feels like she is drinking from a big girls cup and Mummy gets the reassurance that her lovely new changing bag isn’t going to be soaked through or the bed sheets will need changing half way through the night.

Emmy was sent a very cute owl and butterfly designed cup which she loves as it is bright and colourful as opposed to some of her other one colour plain cups.  There are some wonderful designs available for these cups including robots and dinosaurs.

Munchkin click lock insulated cup, leakproof cup, munchkin cup, straw children's beaker

These click lock cups are also available in sippy cups and trainer cups, and I’ve since discovered the Dora the Explorer cups which Emmy would love (I may have to get her one of those).

Munckin are so confident in these new leak proof cups that they have backed it up with a 100% replacement guarantee. 

We have been using our for a few weeks now and it is yet to leak!! I’m pleased as I don’t want my bags getting spoilt.  Just twist the lid and click into place and your ready to go mess free. Widgets

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