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I’ve a real love of musicals – I think it started when I was Nannying for my first family.  The girls loved music, dancing and we would often dance around  the room to any piece of music and in a bid to gear away from typical kids TV we often watched musicals in the afternoons when they were too old to nap.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Lion King and Singing in the Rain were our favourites and I even took the children to London to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the Lion King. 

Paul however doesn’t share my love – well he didn’t until I took him to see Spamalot which he loved and I’ve since dragged him back to see different shows on two occasions.  Emmy now seems to share my love and happily watches Singing in the Rain with me, loves Mamma Mia and I would love to take her to see Wicked which I loved when I saw a few years back.

With our love of musicals I have been showing Emmy the preview video of ‘Top Hat’ and she has been spinning around the front room watching:

Top Hat is a West-End Musical which has been nominated for 5 WhatsOnStage Awards which are:

  • Best new musical – Top Hat
  • Best actor in a musical – Tom Chambers
  • Best supporting actress in a musical – Vivien Parry
  • Best supporting actor in a musical – Ricardo Afonso
  • Best Choreographer – Bill Deamer

This show is the winner on the 2012 Evening Standard ‘Best Night out Award’. 
The What’s on Stage Awards are Theatre Awards where you are the judges. 

Do have a look at the video and if you feel they deserve an award then do vote for them and if you would like to find out more about Top Hat or book tickets you can do here.

This post contains a paid link however all thoughts and wording is my own.


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