My 5 Meaningful Melodies

Different songs all have different meanings.  Some are more special than the others and stick in my mind for various reasons. I don’t think I’ve shared all my favourite and meaningful songs before so a good time to do so if to enter a competition from Hidden Hearing called Meaningful Melodies.

The first song which has a special meaning to me is Every Breathe You Take by The Police.  This song was the song we chose at our wedding for our first dance.

I get the giggles when I hear this now as I remember clearly our first dance, and me not being able to dance in my dress as by that point I had removed my hoop from under my dress –  my dress then dragged too far along the ground to be able to walk let alone dance.
Next up is You are so Beautiful by Joe Cocker:
This is Emmy’s song.  Paul sang it to her when she was born and it suck as her special song.  Some people sing Lullabies to their children, we always sing this to Emmy. 
Harry’s song is Beautiful Boy by John Lennon – it took a while before we finally chose Harry’s special song but this is it and I love it.

Next up is one which reminds me of my youth and my first proper concert – OasisWonderwall. I was at the Knebworth concert with my friends in 1996, squashed around 5-6 rows from the front jumping around, screaming and singing my heart out.  It was AMAZING! And still the BEST GIG EVER!
Lastly and possibly the hardest to choose is Robbie WilliamsRock DJ.  I do love Robbie, even back in the Take That days – the first time around.  He is also my get of jail free card she I ever get the chance to grope meet him.

What are you favourite songs and why?

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