My Baby can swim underwater!

Ok I’ve seen Harry doing his underwater swim at Water Babies right from week one but this was amazing!

We actually got to go underwater with our babies today for the very first time and watch them swimming.

I wasn’t expecting it if I’m honest, not in the first term of swimming lessons.

Water Babies has surprised me like that in so many ways – good surprises – each week something new is added and it is amazing to see just how well the babies cope, especially considering they are all beginners and all under 1.

Seeing him swim underwater is like nothing I have ever seen before.

I’m not a huge fan of going underwater so avoid it at all costs really but I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity.

We were given goggles as no-one was expecting it to happen so we were a little unsure – especially us women who had make-up on!

Penny then took Harry and walked backwards with him to almost halfway across the pool (It may not have been as far but felt like it), she then zig-zagged swum him towards me, said “Harry, Ready, Go” and he went underwater to just below knee level and was propelled forwards towards me when Penny let go.

On the “Ready, Go” that was my cue to go under the water to greet him.

I expected it to be murky and him to have his eyes firmly shut but I was surprised – it was as clear as being on top of the water, he had his arms out towards me, his legs were kicking and his eyes widely open.

My heart swelled

My beautiful baby boy – my 9 month old baby boy can SWIM!!

It was amazing and I will NEVER ever forget our first underwater swim together.

Thanks Penny and Water Babies for that experience – I will be taking my goggles every week to see that and will also try this when we go swimming all together as a family, as I would love to see Emmy swim underwater.

It actually made me cry. but in a good way!

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