My Baby Girl goes to Big School

Today was another milestone day.
Emmy went to meet her new teacher in her new class, in the main school.
In September my baby girl starts in Reception class.
She was so excited when she woke up this morning that she chose some clothes and got herself dressed before coming downstairs at 7am.
She had two bows of cereal and asked to brush her teeth – you can tell she was excited as she hates to get out of her pj’s and hates brushing her teeth.
She almost skipped down the road to school, chatting and singing the whole way.
She knew her Nursery teachers would be going in with her and she was happy about that as she loves them.
I didn’t know where the reception classes were however they started 15 minutes later than the rest of the school so just followed the crowds.
There are 3 reception classes with 30 children in each class, we didn’t know which children were in each class – we needed to wait and the teachers found the children’s names on their list.
We took them through to their classrooms – this is when Emmy’s nerves kicked in.
She had been separated from her best friends and was a little worried about her new setting.
She doesn’t do change very well.
She couldn’t decide on what to play with.
As a fail safe I guided her to her Nursery teacher, someone who she knows and is familiar with.
There were tears and she didn’t want me to go.
I saved my tears for outside, there were only a few and a hug from another mum helped – I don’t like seeing her upset.  I knew it wouldn’t last and she would stop as soon as I was out of site.
After the welcome meeting in the hall for the parents about an hour later we could pick them up.
She came out smiling.
She had a sticker, she had played, sat on the carpet and she enjoyed herself.
I expect a few more tears from us both come September however I know she will be fine.
She will have a good time and make some new friends.
We also purchased some of her new uniform today – she loved it so much she had to wear it all the way home.
When did my baby grow up?
Do you have children starting big school in September?   Are they excited?


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