My baby is 14 weeks old – update

I’m shocked at how quickly time is flying, it’s sad and wonderful at the same time, it’s been a while since I posted an update on how we are getting on and there is a reason for that……….

Harry has REFLUX and it sucks!!

My poor boy is unhappy, in pain and I’m struggling to cope…there I’ve said it – It’s hard to say but it’s true.

I hate seeing him in pain, especially when nothing I can do helps him.

I took him to the doctors on 3 separate occasions before finally videoing him crying asleep in agony and showing my health visitor.  I knew what was wrong with him but they wouldn’t listen…….Why?  Because he wasn’t being sick.  His problem is Silent Reflux which often means they are not sick and do gain weight so doctors often think nothing is wrong.

Well it is.  I’m not a paranoid 1st time mother and yes I know babies do cry however this is not normal.

(In the video Harry is 10 weeks old and he is screaming in pain – he is also fast asleep!)

Finally we were prescribed Gaviscon to try – it’ a faff to mix up while I’m breast feeding as you need to give some before and after feeds, it needs to be mixed with cooled boiled water and syringed down his throat – he hates it.  For this reason I’ve started to introduce formula and mix the Gaviscon into the bottle, I could express and give him expressed milk however he comfort sucks all night long and I’m so exhausted that I need a rest, so now I’m feeding him myself at night and he has 2 bottles a day so I can begin to recoup some energy as I was beginning to feel very drained, worn out and ill.

For the first week the Gaviscon seemed to be working, he even slept for 6 hours two nights in a row – it was a miracle however now he is back to comfort feeding every 2 hours for an hour at a time and is unsettled and unhappy again so it maybe time to go back to the doctors again.

I’m doing things to help him myself before pumping him full of more medication, he loves baby massage which does seem to help, he sleeps on me whenever he can and if it means all night then so be it.  He has almost outgrown his moses basket now so I’m going to invest in a crib for now as he wakes so often that I can’t put him in his own room yet and a full sized cot won’t fit in my room.  I have propped up the head end of his moses basket as this seems to help and he has a reflux wedge which I use under the playmat as he will not lay flat.  I use slings wraps most of the day as he likes to be close to me and upright helps – doing all of this seems to be helping and if we remember to do all of it then at night I can get around 2 hours sleep I’m lucky.

During the day it’s as if he is a different child, we have lots of chatting and bouncing in his jumperoo and huge beaming smiles, yet at night…..he is a Gremlin.

I love my little whirlwind and I wouldn’t change a thing however I wish I could make his pain go away.

One thought on “My baby is 14 weeks old – update

  1. aww he is lovely, Its horrible when they are in pain tho I hope it settles soon for him I was lucky with all mine and none of them suffered with colic or reflux or anything poor Harry xxx

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