My Baby is now 8 weeks old

I’m really not sure how that happened, I’ve slept a little and blinked and the time has disappeared.

He has now outgrown his newborn clothes, which have now been packed away, is having naps in his cot morning and afternoon for up to 3 hours at a time meaning I can get jobs done again (well sometimes) and he smiles and recognises our voices.

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He has been poorly recently, Emmy has a really bad cold and cough and lovingly shared her germs with her little brother.  He was struggling to breathe a few weekends ago so I took him to the out of hours doctors as it was a Sunday – we were then whisked straight to A&E and he was placed on Oxygen for a few hours and then on a Saline Nebuliser before being sent home – he had Bronchialitis  (They had mentioned keeping him in however because he hadn’t yet had his vaccinations he would need a side room and there weren’t any – so they decided it was best to send him home and I was to take him back should it get worse).  He was fine for a day however on Monday night he got worse so I took him to the doctors on Tuesday morning where once again we were sent to A&E and he was put on a Nebuliser again.

He is almost over it now just the remains of a cough left.  Emmy still loves him to pieces and asks to cuddle him as soon as he wakes up – she helps change his nappy, washes him and generally loves him to bits – despite hitting him on the head with a paper weight when she was poorly – resulting in his first ever trip to A&E just to get him checked out, so he has been to casualty 3 times before he was 7 weeks old and YES I have had that phone call from the Health Visitor unfortunately.

When he was 5 weeks old he hit Emmy’s birth weight of 8lbs 13oz and now at 8 weeks he is a whopping 11lbs 2oz – he is still breastfed and has a bottle of formula once a day as it’s hard to keep up with his hunger.

We both had our 8 week check last week which was fine although I did have to laugh when our doctor asked if I had thought about contraception, my reply was “Separate bedrooms and a newborn baby is working perfectly well at the moment” and he had to agree. 

He had his first vaccinations yesterday and has been a little off colour with a temperature so has been getting even more Mummy snuggles.

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