My big girl – her first full day at Pre-school

Emmy is now entitled to 5 free pre-school sessions – a whole 15 hours of pre-school and this makes me very sad and happy at the same time.

Conflicting emotions have plagued me this week, I’ve been happy, sad, over whelmed and a little worried all at the same time.

Now I know Emmy loves Pre-school, she has been going for quite some time now, however only twice a week (if that – I’m not very strict, if she says she doesn’t want to go then I don’t make her – she has MANY MANY years of school to come so I’m making the most of my baby girl being home with me).

She went back to school late from the Easter holidays due to being poorly.  Before Easter she went in the mornings however I was struggling to get her and Harry up and dressed, fed and then walk to the school 20 minutes away and arrive at 9am.  Often made harder by Harry being up 3/4 times in the night and Emmy sleeping in to 8am some mornings. 

I decided it would be best for us all to switch her to afternoons, this was done with much deliberation on my part as she still gets very tired and grumpy in the afternoons being only just 3. 

I’m pleased to say she is coping really well – she is a trooper and adjusts to anything thrown at her.

first full day at pre-school,

My big worry was Tuesday’s – I’ve chosen for her to attend all day so we can leave Friday’s free to recover, play and spend time together.  It was a huge day for us both this Tuesday – she went off lunch box in hand at 9am and I collected her at 3pm – it’s the longest we have been apart in a long time (except my weekend away).  She looked so grown up yet so small as she skipped over to kiss me goodbye – no tears, no protesting infact she was really excited.

Upon collection I hung back to see how she had gotten on, chatting with her teachers they assured me that she had been really good, enjoyed herself, ate most of her lunch, they said that at one point she had laid down on the cushions and almost gone to sleep then got her second wind – bless her she is just too cute.

I missed her so much

She is loving school and wants to go most days.  I did keep her at home today as she was shattered and I will continue to do so if she wants to – she has too many restrictions to come when it comes to education – I will allow her the freedom to choose while she is able.

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