My Big Night In – with Money Supermarket

Now, gone are my party days as such, I doubt I will go clubbing every weekend ever again, drinking my way through a Friday and a Saturday night, emerging from my pit on a Sunday dinner time vowing never to drink again – until the next weekend.

Priorities change and I’ve grown up and a night out for me means a nice meal, a shared bottle of wine and home and in bed for 10pm.

But what about a night in?

Money Supermarket have a new challenge, they have given some bloggers £50 each to have a Big Night In.

What we did with the money was entirely up to us.

I thought long and hard about what we should do, narrowed down the possibilities:

  • Invite friends over
  • Have a games night
  • A take away
  • A cocktail party
  • Video evening

In the end it was decided for me by Emmy being poorly on the weekend I had planned our Big Night In, she had had her pre-school injections and was suffering the side effects which sometimes come with that.

So I asked her what she would like for a special dinner – her answer was Burgers and Corn on the Cob.  Her favourite! So I brought all the ingredients to make Home-made Burgers, chips, corn on the cob and a nice salad.  Treated me and Paul to a nice bottle of wine and some Beers and brought Emmy some new DVD’s, a few games we could play and of course popcorn and sweets for a video night, and there was enough left over to buy the kids a ball pond to play in together.

Money Supermarket's Big Night In, Our night in,

Our Big Night In actually was an afternoon of fun and games and then a DVD evening, Emmy was allowed to stay up a little late and we all had fun.

The kids loved their new ball pond and spent a good hour playing together in it, we then played Stack-em up (Tesco’s version of Jenga) and then onto Crayola’s Underwater Adventure game – we have discovered that not only is Emmy impatient and doesn’t like to wait her turn, she also cheats!

I then cooked us all a nice dinner before we donned are PJ’s, snuggled on the sofa and watched 2 of Emmy’s new DVD’s, ate popcorn and binged on Haribo.

It may not have been the Big Night In we had originally planned however we all had a great day and evening.

If I could have our day over again I would buy different DVD’s – Emmy loves Disney and fairytales so I got a 3 pack from Amazon, next time I’m buying the proper Disney ones though as these were actually awful – luckily Emmy didn’t mind and enjoyed them.

Once the kids were in bed Paul and I enjoyed our wine and enjoyed a few beers too and watched Ted which I hadn’t gotten around to seeing before.

This post is my entry into the Money Supermarket’s Big Night In competition.

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