My Buggy Buddy Clip

The Buggy Buddy company was born in 2008 by Paul Clubb and Paul Baines when they launched My Buggy Clip.  This was designed to help hold shopping and handbags securely to the buggy.
This Essex based company asked if we would like to try one of these out and as you already know I do love to shop so how could I say no?  The first thing I noticed was that the clip is not only a lovely large size but that it is foam covered which helps to prevent scratches on the buggy handle! Now if only my whole car boot was covered in foam I would be extremely happy.
I have used these clips for a few weeks now and they are an absolute godsend, no more carrying heavy bags or hurting your hands and even better no more worrying that the bags will fall off the handles of your buggy – come on i’m sure you have all tried knotting the carrier bag handles to your buggy handles haven’t you – with these there is no need to do that any more!

These are great value at £6.99 however you can buy them direct from The Buggy Buddy website for 10% off (£5.99).

The Clips are availble in 3 colours – Black, Pink and Blue. For every Blue or Pink Clip sold The Buggy Buddy company will donate money to Breast Cancer Care & Help for Heroes.

The My Buggy Buddy clip is loved by thousands of parents and has received 2 seperate Gold awards from reviewers. You can find My Buggy Buddy on Twitter and on Facebook.

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