My cheeky little madam

Emmy has really come out of herself this year.
I think it was starting Nursery last September which brought her out of her shell.  
She is a chatter box at home, honestly she never ever stops…even in her sleep.  I’ve no idea where she gets it from *cough*
However outside away from family she is a different child.  Shy, quiet and withdrawn almost.
Until recently that is!
Emmy is the one I worry about most, the oldest but the one who struggles with change.

She likes to know exactly what is going on. Where she is going, what she is doing and who she will see. If that changes she doesn’t like it.  I’ve written about her need for routine before here.

Just this year though she seems to be changing. Since her birthday last month in fact. Turning 4 has seen her develop and mature.

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No longer quiet about what she does at school, she bounds out telling me who she has played with and sat with.
Last week she asked to go to dancing lessons.   We had spoke of Ballet classes before however she always chickened out and never actually attended.  Now she wants to.
She speaks of her ‘best friends’ at school and tells tales of what she loved most.  Last year she cried before school most days as she didn’t want to go.
This week she bounded out to show me her sticker.  She was Star of the Day.

She was SO proud of that fact. SO proud of her sticker and the fact she got to pump the soap for the other children to wash their hands.
My little girl is growing up before my eyes, maturing and also turning into a little comedian.
She makes me smile and laugh on a daily basis.
She is beginning to try to walk the school journey- it’s a long walk for her (and she is so slow) however now she wants to try instead of jumping straight in the double buggy.  I will be selling that this summer so her only option will be the buggy board if needed.  I’m trying to encourage her to use her scooter however she isn’t great at that currently.
Last year shied away at events, wanting to meet people but dragging me too and then hiding behind me, last month she literally ran  from the back of the cinema to the front to meet and greet Andy – I’m not sure I’ve ever seen her move so fast!
Her funny moments this month:
  • A new toy arrived for Harry to review and Emmy wanted to try it out.  Asking me how to do it she then announces “Mummy you’re a genius” then on trying herself announces “Wow, Mummy you’ve made me a genius!”
  • Upon almost falling off her bike she announces “Good catch Mummy, it’s like you knew I would be super fast like Turbo and the fall off”.
  • In the car “Mummy, I like your driving best because Daddy does crashing” (I don’t think she will ever let him forget that one)
  •  Watching The Lion King “Mummy I know all about dead” – that one was just left there, it’s far too early to explain
  • Talking about when when Mummy and Daddy were her age “Mummy when you was 4 like me we did playing chase didn’t we!” 

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67 thoughts on “My cheeky little madam

  1. ahhh so sweet! My little girl is the same age and it seems recently everything has just clicked πŸ™‚ x #carnival x

  2. aww she is such a cutie! and so funny too! I must start writing down the funny things my two do to look back on. Gracie is starting Nursery this year and I'm hoping it'll do the same for her as she's quite shy outside yet crazy at home x

  3. My oldest is exactly like this…always happy and chatty at home but whenever we were out he would become awkward and shy. He is 7 now and the loveliest little boy with his own inner confidence. They all come into their own in time I think!

  4. This is so lovely to read! Well done for helping her to blossom into the little girl she is intended to be πŸ™‚

  5. awww honey i am so pleased she is feeling much more confident and is coming out her shell more. I have to say i love the "i know about dead" it made me smile πŸ™‚

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

    1. You're most welcome lovely.
      It made me spit my coffee out with laughter that's for sure πŸ˜‰ the things they come out with amazes me

  6. How wonderful for her. Isn't it lovely when you suddenly just seem them blossom!!! And well done Emmy for being star of the day πŸ™‚ I hope she likes her dance classes x

  7. You have every reason to be proud, she sounds wonderful. My Belle was also very shy at that age, but she has gradually come out of her shell to the point that she can actually be overly confident!

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