My dream office space

As you know I actually work from home, that for me is a very easy option however it does mean that I find myself as always, and like I am now, sitting in the front room on the sofa with my laptop on my lap.
This is comfy, for a while however it really isn’t practical or the best working environment.  I get distracted by the TV all the time and the fridge seems to call my name around 11pm.
We are in the process of tidying the spare room and reclaiming as a spare room, it’s currently full of boxes and junk which hasn’t made it to the tip.
I plan to use this as a spare room however I would like to use half of that space to make an office for myself.  A bloggers competition on the London Offices site was brought to my attention which asks entrants to design their own dream office space – now I’ve no prior experience working in an office because as a Nanny my office space was the whole house, parks, swimming pools etc.
This is a difficult one for me so I am just planning my own home office space instead.


For the flooring I’m torn between fun or quirky and love both of these options from UK Flooring Direct – I love the idea of turning the whole room into a games board but also how freaked out could I make visitors with the black hole?  Infact my inbox resembles that black hole so it’s very apt currently.  I love the look of this desk with tons of storage from Solar Elements, of course a comfy chair would be needed and this looks pretty comfy to me – from The funky Tetris lamp would be in-keeping with the monopoly board if I kept the games theme up – from Fooyah.

This funky filing cabinet is a must from Digger and Mojo and lastly of course a clock is needed to make sure I don’t miss the school runs Zazzle.

This is my entry into the LondonOffices Designer Competition.


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