My first sticky mosiacs – Emmy’s own Ponies – review

Every girl wants her own pony right?

Emmy is no exception to that rule, although she is a very lucky girl indeed as my brother and sister-in-law brought her a full sized old fashioned rocking horse last Christmas – and to be honest if the way she treats this horse is anything to go by heaven help her if she is ever allowed near a real one!

So instead of a real horse she was recently sent a craft kit called “My first sticky mosaics – ponies” – who wouldn’t love that? 

Emmy dived straight in and started immediately.  Inside are:
4 different pony shapes
4 sticky plastic hangers
700 + foam stickers

My first mosiacs ponies, create a pony, entertaining emmy,,

This crafts is easy, fun and most importantly mess free! A bonus for any parent.

To create a stylish pony you peel off the stickers and stick onto the colour co-ordinated markings on the horse.

However if you are 3 and a half you can just peel off the stickers and stick anywhere to create your own master piece, which is of course what Emmy enjoyed doing most.

These would make great presents for birthdays or Christmas or would be great for keeping Emmy and her friends quiet  entertained when they come over!

These kits are priced £9.50 (that’s just under £2.38 for each pony – you could make one each for the Grandparents/Godparents for Christmas!) and are available from

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