My food choices when it comes to Emmy

Being a fully qualified Nanny I have always made my own baby food once it came to start weaning so when Emmy came along this continued.  I loved nothing better than cooking up something new, mixing the flavour together and trying them out with Emmy.  It was fun to see what she did and didn’t like.
They say it takes 3 times of trying a new food before you can tell if your child likes it or not – I would say maybe longer sometimes.  I tried some foods with Emmy 6 or 7 times before she would even taste them and more often than not she loved whatever it was.  There isn’t much my daughter wont eat, even now.
Emmy 16 weeks old trying out her new chair, She tried baby rice and pureed carrot as her first foods about 6 weeks later. 
Now Emmy is older we all eat together as a family, usually eating the same foods.  I always offer Emmy fresh vegetables with her meals and make a point of putting them on Daddies plate too even though I know he will never eat them, however it is good for Emmy to see them on his plate – although usually means she will eat them herself.  She loves vegetables and would live on these if she could – peas, carrots, sweetcorn and spinach are her all time favourites.
I like to try to buy fresh fruit and vegetables at our local grocers whenever possible as the quality is better and I prefer to but the meat from the local butchers, our fish comes from the fish stall on the market and is Emmy’s all time favourite meal – fish pie!
I sometimes worry about Emmy’s meat intake as she just isn’t keen on it and have been known to puree down some cooked chicken with her gravy and add to her dinner of mashed potatoes and vegetables just so she is eating some (well sort of), however I know it is because she can’t be bothered to chew it and she will grow out of it, but if she doesn’t it’s not the end of the world as she eats enough fruit, vegetables and fish to keep her going.
On the occasions that Emmy does have a store brought ready meal, for ease I have found that the Supermarket own brands seem to be her favourites.  I usually let her chose herself if we are having own of these so at least I know she will eat them and her favourite is Tesco’s cheesy fish pie. 
I have tried other brand ready meals and really like the Little Dish options as there is plenty of hidden vegetables (not that is needs hiding from Emmy) and the portion sizes are just right.  Emmy isn’t a fan of the Plum baby older range, she was fine with the sachets if and when we needed them (out and about as they didn’t need heating) but the older range had a strange mix of flavours which she refused point blank every time.
Emmy is pretty much allowed anything she like for pudding, as she comes to work with me she sees the older children being allowed different things and I don’t disallow them as long as she has eaten her dinner.
Now I would like to know your feeding habits and concerns when it comes to your children:
How do you shop for kids

What are your

What do you worry

What do you look

What are the most important
things to you when it comes to kids and nutrition?

Which brands get it

What do brands do/say that annoy

Where do treats and puddings fit
in? What are the challenges there?

AND….what do your kids
say/think?! Do they comment on their diet? Do they ask for certain things? Do
they know about nutrition?

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10 thoughts on “My food choices when it comes to Emmy

  1. My daughter is 18 months and all of a sudden she only wants snacks and won't eat a full meal after 18 months of being the perfect eater she now only wants fruit, milk, yogurts or biscuits and is always asking or sweets although I don't let her have sweets unless she eats her dinner. I try to give her a mix of home cooked foods and shop bought meals with heinz mums own being her fave xx

  2. My son point blank refuses anything I make for him unless it comes with chip's although he will eat all shop brought children's ready meals or anything Nanny makes for him – I give up trying πŸ™

  3. Mealtimes have always been a struggle in our house. Getting her to sit still, to try new foods, to accept the foods that are nutritionally sound. I have always dreaded mealtimes. We use reward charts as incentives which are sometimes a success and no longer insist that she HAS to eat ALL of her dinner, but rather that she eats a good portion of all of the foods on her plate. Sometimes, we feel it's laziness getting in her way more than anything else, after all, playing is so much more fun! We try to involve her in the shopping list, allowing her to choose certain foods in the supermarket. This way, when she remembers that SHE chose it in the shops, she often seems more willing to eat it! She too can be fussy with meat, but I feel this is often more down to the fact that it's not as easy to chew as baked beans or mashed potato! Apparently though, I was the same at her age, so I suppose there's hope for her yet! x

  4. If you are worried about Emmy's meat intake vegetarian options such as lentil dishes are a great way to boost her protein intake, as is a nut roast instead of a roast dinner πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚
    I hadnt thought about how weaning and food preparation would be effected by intolerances – initially I could imagine it being difficult until you got the hang of it.

  6. I have a 2 year old who was dairy intolerant and that meant I had to make my own food and eating out wasn't simple, same as buying jars/kids ready meals all n all it wasnt an option. I have always tried to get him to have a varied diet but he has a very small appetitte and so his rate of growth has always been slow and he is skin and bones but i cant force feed him, the best i can do is offer something he likes and hope he eats it it! My 4 year old used to have a big appetitte but now that is starting to dwindle but she still loves her veg and would eat pasta all day! We aren't a pudding household at all but we do have treats (sweets and cakes) as and when i see fit.

  7. My daughters are 6, 4 and 2. My eldest two are the easiest children to feed ever, they will give anything a try and are always asking for more, where as my youngest will change her mind on a daily basis as to what she likes and doesnt like. I always shop at Tesco and I always buy the same food for the kids and adults. My main priority is that eveyone eats a healthy balanced diet, so I allow treats like sweets and ice cream but only when they have eaten their main meal and certainly not every day, as I tell them it wouldn't be a treat if they got it all the time.They always have a piece of fruit with their breakfast and lunch and veg with their dinner. However the one thing I always worry about is portion size as having kids of different ages its difficult to know how much you should be giving each child. I don't tend to favour any one brand because the price of things these days kind of dictates as it is what you can afford although I will say a lot of the supermarkets own brand foods are perfectly fine and actually have less sugar etc in than some of the top brands.

  8. My daughter is now 12, but things haven't changed much since she had teeth! She was weaned on mostly homemade baby food. Fruit purees, fish pies that sort of thing. And now she eats what we do. We make our own bread, cakes and most meals from scratch. We don't add any salt to meals. We buy meat and fresh fruit and veg locally. She does have the odd fish finger, and we have oven chips in the freezer, but thats about all the junk πŸ˜‰

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