My Friend Rainbow Girl by Emily aged 7

Emmy absolutely loves writing, she gets through reams and reams of paper making up her own stories and if she isn’t writing stories she is writing lists to leave all over the house.

When Center Parcs got in touch with us last year asking us to team up on a story writing campaign I just knew Emmy would love this challenge. The campaign called #JustImagine revolves around creativity, action & imagination and making your own fun rather than relying on provided entertainment and screens, just like Center Parcs holidays with a huge focus on family fun away from technology.

The campaign is a creative writing one to help children to use their imaginations, their creativity and most importantly their individuality.

With only a few guidelines to roughly follow, Emmy was set the task of writing her own creative story which was less than 250 words long. It had to include:

1) An interesting/unusual main character (anything from a caveman to an astronaut)

2) This character has an unexpected characteristic or quirk (a phobia, an allergy, an obsession?)

3) Character has to overcome a challenge (e.g. complete a task, defeat a foe)

4) An unexpected ending

Never one to stick to the norm, she took this challenge and loved every minute of it – we brainstormed together with me listing in bullet points the ideas she had and then I left it up to her.

Here is Emmy’s story which I had a very talented friend illustrate for her.

My Friend Rainbow Girl

I live in a world full of colour.
The trees are a mix of bright pinks and each water droplet a different shade of the rainbow.
I live here with my friend Rainbow Girl.

Rainbow Girl helps everyone by making beautiful rainbows,
These are what we all walk on,
No roads or bridges, only Rainbows.

In a nearby land lives a boy called Fire Boy.
Everything here is red from the houses to the animals.
It’s hot here too, like a summer’s day on the beach.

He can’t visit my home as he melts every colourful rainbow he touches so I come to see him and we read stories and sing songs.

On one visit, the rainbow slide broke and I got stuck at the bottom,
Far away from home.
Fire Boy couldn’t touch the slide to fix it because it melts when he tries.

Rainbow Girl was missing me.

I had a brilliant idea,
We needed to work together to fix this problem.
I called Rainbow Girl to tell her my idea and she turned the rainbow slide RED.

Fire Boy could now fix it and it didn’t melt.
He can’t touch colourful rainbows but he can touch separate colours.
We all travelled back to my colourful world where we now all live happily together.

Rainbow Girl and Fire Boy are now best friends.
Instead of rainbow roads and bridges they are made up of 7 bridges all in a different colour of the rainbow and they no longer melt when we all skip over them together.

Written by Emily Nicholas aged 7

I think she did an amazing job writing her story, I gave her a little help putting the sentences into an order but all the ideas and all words are her own.

This story was written for the Center Parcs #JustImagine campaign and was illustrated by the very talented Lucy, you can see her other work on her website and also find  her over on Facebook, Twitter


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