My Little Explorers on Camber Sands Beach

Last weekend we spent the weekend in a caravan for the first time.  We also visited Camber Sands for the first time.

Despite it actually being the last day of October/the first week of November we were rather lucky with the weather.
On the Saturday we went swimming in the morning then took two over tired kids back to the caravan for a bite to eat. The plan had been to head out as a family for lunch but Harry was screaming the place down through tiredness,  that’s what over an hour of swimming does to a two year old! After some noodles he gained a second wind so we jumped in the car to explore, we found the beach ready for later then found a nice pub for lunch.  By this time Harry was sparko and transferred to his buggy while Paul and I had fish and chips and Emmy had an ice-cream.
After we headed back to the beach.  It actually wasn’t cold.  We were on the beach in November in just our jumpers with out shoes off!
Unheard of in England.
The kids had a whale of a time and the beach was lovely.

Harry became very attached to some bread rolls he picked up in the shop and that day he had to carry them with him everywhere and had a huge tantrum if you tried to take them away!

They collected shells, made sand castles, we collected stones and made pictures in the sands and then they found the sand dunes and made memories.

Memories are the best.

They stay with you forever and make a holiday more than just somewhere you went and somewhere you visited – they turn it into “Do you remember when….” and “I loved it when….”

That’s all I’ve heard from both children since we returned, it’s what they like the best.






Making their memories

This holiday bonded us as a family and make the children’s relationship so much closer.  They are Brother and Sister BUT they are also best friends – most of the time.


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6 thoughts on “My Little Explorers on Camber Sands Beach

  1. This is where I am going to comment as a sister and not as a Mom. I have one (& only) sister and we have been trough a lot together. Good and bad but mostly good but these things had made us not only siblings but best friends as well. #MagicMoments

  2. You did so well on your choice of weeks away. I remember well the weather was gorgeous then so no problem being in a caravan or playing on the beach. It always feels a treat when the weather is unexpectedly good. Gorgeous photos of happy family times. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

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