My poorly boy

Since the weekend we have been in and out of A & E with Harry – he has Bronchialitis and has been rather unwell with it. 

On Saturday he really struggled to breathe so I call the out of hours doctors who took 3.5 hours to call us back, by which time he was fast asleep and seeming better.  By Sunday he was clearly unwell so I called out of hours again and got an appointment for an hour later – leaving Emmy and Daddy at home I took him off to the docs.  He was then sent straight across to A&E as was too unwell for the doctors liking.

Poorly Boy

Once there he was put on Oxygen for a few hours and then treated with a saline nebuliser and dismissed a few hours later.  The children’s casualty area was full with very small babies all with the same symptoms and we had been told there were no beds, let alone side rooms which Harry would need if he was to be admitted (he is yet to have his immunisations).

He hasn’t got any better so I took him back to the doctors yesterday and they listened to him and decided he now had a chest infection so sent us back to A&E.  We were rushed through and made to feel silly for taking him back even though we were sent there.  They treated him with a saline nebuliser again and we stayed until he fed (something he hadn’t done for 15 hours) but sent us home again saying he didn’t have a chest infection and it was all normal for bronchialitis. 

I can’t say I’m at all happy, they we nice enough in A&E but I was still made to feel like a paranoid parent who was over-reacting (despite being referred there twice) so I am now watching my son like a hawk, listening for changes to his breathing and I will NOT hesitate to take him back.

One thing which has cheered me up this week was finding this:

Tots100 UK parent blogs
I have discovered I am number 36 on the new list of Top 50 Baby Bloggers for 2012 by Tots 100, I’m thrilled to be on the same list as some wonderful bloggers who’s blogs I regularly read.  ´╗┐

6 thoughts on “My poorly boy

  1. Don't ever feel like you are a nuisance with a baby with breathing difficulties. The doctor and hospital would much rather you went in than letting him get worse. We have been to the Children's Assessment Unit with Little Miss and she had Bronchiolitis too, luckuly she recovered quickly but she also has Laryngomalacia (floppy larynx) so we do have to be vigilant with her chest. I was almost pleased to take her for her jabs as I knew they would add protection ­čÖé

    1. Thank you – I knowvi was right to take him but I worry the attitude of the staff there would put of others from going.

      The first time we went they were nice but the second is when they were rather rude ­čÖü

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