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This weekend we’ve been to a family wedding.  While everyone was having their photo’s taken the children took themselves off quietly to play with flowers.
The sun was shining and they happily amused themselves by running around the trees playing hide and seek and picking flowers to throw at each other as confetti.
It was a very busy weekend with a 5 and a half hour minibus journey on the Friday to Scunthorpe, it was a long slog in the bus for us all (12 of us travelled together) but not once did the children complain, they played, sang, slept and ate and took it in their stride far better than us adults who got bored.
They had a blast at the wedding, running around the park and then at the reception both playing football on the field with the other children.
There was late nights for all every night and not once did they complain of being tired and wanting to go home.  On Saturday we didn’t leave the reception until after 10.30pm and they were dancing and running around until the last minute.

I was so very proud of both children, they took the journey, change of environment, late nights and new faces in their stride and embraced it every step of the way.  Nearly everyone who met them came over to tell us how well behaved they were and how wonderful – this is music to any parents ears and I came away overjoyed and amazingly proud of my children.

It was a wonderful weekend.  Now here is to a happy half term.
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4 thoughts on “My Sunday photo

  1. So what is the secret of such beautifully behaved children? No wonder you were proud, it sounds like such a long way to go and yet they just made the most of everything. That photo of them both playing the meadow is beautiful, always handy to have somewhere like this for children to play at a formal event. I'm glad you had a good time and I have to say your blue dress was gorgeous too. Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

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