My technology inspired christmas wish list – Competition entry

Currys PC World are asking bloggers to come up with their very own technology inspired Christmas wish list in their latest competition and it means window shopping to join in – that’s my favourite thing to do, that and spending someone else’s money so of course I wanted to join in!

Here is what I would like to ask Santa for – and YES I’ve been a VERY good girl:

Canon EOS 600D digital SLR lens kit:

I take all my photos on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – all pictures you seen in this blog for the last year have been taken using it, not bad quality I have to say for a smart phone however I would LOVE to have a proper camera one day, although I would then need to learn how to use it.

Kindle Fire HDX:

I’ve been toying with replacing my old kindle recently and I also want a tablet computer, I think this would be a good option for me and one I could share with Emmy too.

Tassimo 43 Coffee Pod machine:
A Tassimo has been on my Christmas list for the past 3 years now and as Purple is my favourite colour this is perfect!!
Paul would love the new PS4 I’m sure and Emmy would absolutely love some games for herself for the Wii as she currently only has Peppa Pig however is really enjoying playing this and it does help with her hand/eye co-ordination amongst other things.
Also on my list is a new laptop as mine is HUGE – the prize for winning this competition is a lovely new laptop so this is my entry and now I’ve to sit back and cross my finger and toes that I may be lucky enough to win.  You can find out more about this competition here.

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