My thoughts on Emmy starting Pre-School

Now that time is almost here and I’m not ready – she is my baby still.  I feel like I’ve blinked and missed the last 2.5 years.  Where did my baby go?

In my mind next week is her first day proper day at pre-school, and I’m scared!! It
will be the first time she will be left and know no-one, she
has been left with friends and family before but only ones she knows well. At
this pre-school she will know no children, no teachers and hasn’t been into the
building herself before and at the age of 2.5 years that will be a scary

I’m expecting tears, lots of them, both hers and mine.

Both Paul and myself have been to look around this pre-school during a
parents evening/discussion evening and all our questions have been answered – we
love the layout of the classroom, the fact the garden area is open to the
children all morning (weather permitting) and the free reign of the activities.
We are not ones for too much structure at this age – there is enough of that to
come when she goes to proper school. For us, pre-school should be about having
fun and socialising for her, gaining confidence and a little freedom.

I am almost organised and ready for next Thursday – she is now potty
trained, her bag is named and her coats and jumpers etc labelled. We have been
talking about it and getting her ready and I’m hoping she will be fine. I on
the other hand will be a nervous quivering wreck I’m sure, I will be blaming my hormones but those of you who know me well will know I would be the same non-pregnant.

We are planning on making it a special occasion for her so both me and Paul will walk with her and Barney to school, I will go in with her to settle
her, show her where the toilet etc is and we plan on going out for lunch after
we pick her up to make a family day out and something for her to look forward
She is already saying “and Mummy go too” whenever we mention school and I keep explaining that I will go with her, go in but then Mummy will leave you there and go home to hoover (she hates the hoover so I know she wouldn’t want to come too) and then Mummy will come back.  I’m hoping she remembers on the day and there aren’t too many tears. 

Fingers crossed for plain sailing – only time will tell. One thing is for
sure, my baby is growing up.

One thought on “My thoughts on Emmy starting Pre-School

  1. I spent most of yesterday tearful. My sons last day at his childminders. School beckons. Any change is a big thing. Mostly children shed a few tears and take it in their stride. She won't be the only new child. She will probably find it easier than you do. Best wishes. Sounds like you have a lovely day planned. Enjoy.

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