My top tips for enjoying a family trip to London

free things to do in london with kids

Now I’m really lucky and for me London is less than 40 minutes on the tube, this means it’s so easy for me and the children to get into London.  Infact, I took Emmy only yesterday for a fun-filled girlie day out, just the two of us attending 2 bloggers events.

I know for many London can seem like a scary place, especially if you don’t live close and it involves an over-night trip or even 2 nights.  Personally I think if you are more than 3 hours away an over-nighter is perfect, especially if travelling with the children as they will get tired and you will have somewhere you can rest, relax, freshen up or even drop off shopping bags.

Here are my top tips for enjoying a family trip to London:

  1. Look at Hotels in advance, check they are child friendly, read some of the reviews and try to pick somewhere central.  Hotel Direct is a great place to start and is easy to navigate.  Remember that advanced booking will often prove cheaper too.
  2. Get a one-day travel card.  This will mean you can move freely about London on the tubes and also the buses.  You can cover greater distances and it will save you money too. (remember buses in London are now cash free)
  3. Avoid travelling at rush hour.  The tubes will be very busy from 8am-9.30am and then again in the evenings from around 4.30pm-5.30/6pm.  If you are not in a rush and have the children with you it’s best to stay away during those times unless you like playing sardines and getting pushed and bumped around.
  4. London does NOT have to be expensive!  There are so many FREE museum’s and attractions that you don’t need to spend lots of money (avoiding the gift shops help here too). I personally LOVE the Natural History Museum, The British Museum & The Science Museum.
    A few more free ones are: The V&A, Tate Modern, National Gallery & Many more.
  5. Look out for offers and deals. Groupon and other offer sites always have meal offers in London, as well as deals for attractions and theater offers.  Keep an eye out and you will save lots of money.
  6. Take a buggy – now this does depend on the age of your children obliviously, however, London is a big place and while easily accessible by tube there can be lots of walking involved and it can get very busy. The last thing you will want to do is carry your child around London.
    Even though Emmy is 4 and a half I took a very light weight stroller with me yesterday, one which can be folded easily (handy for the steps at the station – but you will always find someone who will help you up the steps – a top tip is to stand in the middle of the steps looking helpless and someone will take pity on you!). Plus having a buggy means somewhere to store your bags.
  7. Visit Covent Garden – you will find all sorts of street entertainers and the kids will love it.
  8. Avoid keeping your phone/wallet in back pockets or outside pockets; sadly with London being so busy it can lead to pickpockets – don’t make it easy for them.
  9. See a West-End show.  There are so many shows on in London, some suitable for adults and others for families.  Matinee shows are great for younger children and you can get cheap tickets online in advance.
  10. Enjoy!!
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One thought on “My top tips for enjoying a family trip to London

  1. It surprised me how easy it was for me to get to London for Britmums. It is somewhere we have avoided with the children as we thought it might be too stressful. Now we are planning on taking them as soon as possible!

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