National picnic week – Warburtons shaped thins

Nothing says Summer is here better than a picnic.  There is always the fun element of sitting on the floor choosing the food you want to eat, even in bad weather we have been known to throw a picnic blanket down know the kitchen floor at lunch times.  To be honest, I’d happily do it every lunch time if my kids ate more.
To celebrate National Picnic week we were sent a hamper from Warburtons which included their brand new shaped sandwich thins, available in Cat and Van shapes.
These thins are pre-cut into the shapes and are already sliced ready for use so you just open them up and fill with the fillings of your choice.
For our picnic I made Cheese Spread Vans decorated with Cucumber windows and Tomato wheels.
The Cats were filled with Chicken,  Mayo and Sweetcorn and decorated with Olives for eyes, Tomato noses and Cucumber whiskers.
Harry had a friend over for lunch and this was a lovely chance for the boys to cool down after playing in the garden on a hot day.  They had been playing in the park, in the pool and bouncing on the trampoline – They managed to build up an appetite by lunch time and wolfed down their sandwiches followed by more baby Tomatoes, Cucumber sticks, Raisins, Sweetcorn and some Crisps, all washed down with some Squash
They definitely approved of the new sandwich thins as they forgot to save me any!
Harry is attending his first full day at pre-school today as I’ll be London bound for Britmums,  he had already requested a Van shaped thin with cheese in to show his teacher his special lunch in his new lunchbox, he couldn’t wait and was bounding our of the door much faster than usual this morning clutching his lunchbox, and of course trying to eat the contents en-route.
Disclaimer: We recieved a hamper from Warburtons in exchange for this post.
Warburtons Thin Shapes come in two designs, Cars and Vans, are £1.28 per pack of 6.  They are currently available from Asda and Waitrose.

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