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A few weeks back I was sent a range of products to try out from Natural & Clean, they sent a collection of Pet items for me to try out with Barney – little did they or I know at the time just how much I would be using them over the coming weeks.

Some of you may know that our household was struck down with the dreaded Novovirus which saw one member of the family fall ill after another.  Starting with Emmy on a Friday, then me the next day and a few hour later Daddy too, and then to our horror once after about 3 days when we all stopped being ill enough to remove ourselves from either bed or the bathroom the dog started being sick.

As a mother (yes i’m Mummy to our dog too) the worst thing I find is having to clean up vomit or diarrhoea, not because is horrid (which it is) more the fact it is often accompanied by whinging in the dogs case or in Emmy’s case crying, screaming and clinging to me.  This makes cleaning up a disgusting mess really difficult as I want to get rid of the mess as soon as I can but I need to look after my babies too – it’s fine is Paul is around however in the middle of the night when nothing wakes him i’m usually in a dilema, clean or comfort?

Luckily through this horrid illness I had Whoops a-daisy to hand.  This is an absorbent powder which can be spinkled onto all bodily spillages/messes such as blood, vomit and urine.  (RRP £4.99)

On the Friday when Emmy was first sick it was in her bed, I didn’t think this would a problem as I have a matress protector over the matress – I was wrong, it had soaked through to the matress.  Daddy had gone to check on Emmy when she had started crying and I then had the shouting down the stairs “She’s been sick – HELP” – so Daddy was cuddling Emmy while I was left to clean up the mess (normal for this household).  Stripping off the bed to be greeted by a sick drenched matress at 11.30pm if never fun. 

I thought it was the perfect time to test out the new review item.  Luckily I had read the back of the bottle when it arrived, so just sprinkled the powder directly onto her matress and went to pop the bedding into the washing maching, I brought a dustpan and brush back upstairs with me and on returning the powder had expanded and absorbed all of the mess.  I was very impressed as when I swept the powder up the bed was not only dry but odour free too – Great news Emmy could sleep in her bed again once I had remade it (I was worried she would be sick in our King-sized bed). Disaster averted.

Since then it has been used a few more times, luckily not with Emmy but with Barney who has had sickness and diarrhoea recently too – and typically it is either when we have been out or asleep.  I was infact woken at 5am this morning to hear Barney being sick, unfortunately he sleeps under our bed and the top stairgate was closed as a poorly Emmy was in bed with me so he was sick on the hall carpet.  I once again reached for the Whoops -daisy which I have since moved to the upstairs bathroom cupboard cupboard sprinkled in on the mess and went for the dustpan and brush. The picthe covered shows the covered mess – don’t worry I didn’t take pictures of before, yuck!

This is great for a quick clean up at that time in the morning, I was left with a stain and some powder on the carpet but at that time in the morning there was no way I was getting out the bucket or hoover.  The stain has been cleaned up now with the aid of another product I was also sent Pet Spot & Odour eliminator spray.  This is a spray which removes excess soiling and helps to absorb as much liuid as possible.  My carpet was dry by the time I got around to using this and with a quick spray and wipe over with warm water and a cloth the horrid stain has gone.

Natural & Clean also make Carpet & Fabric wipes for cleaning up small messes, Spot Remover wipes which are great for keeping in the changing bag as well as Car cleaning products, pet cleaning products such as Shampoo’s and Cat Litter, bin deodorisersural and brushes.  All Natural & Clean products are safe for people, pets & the planet.
I am so impressed with the Whoops a-daisy that I plan to buy a few more bottles so it is to hand in each room, a must have item for all mums!
To view a full range of the Natural & Clean procuct please visit their website, you can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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