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If you are a regular reader here then you will already know of my miscarriages. Miscarriage is something I openly talk about because it is real, it happens and it happens to more women than you’d actually like to think about – statistics say that 1 in 4 pregnancies will end in miscarriage but I believe that figure needs addressing now.

Personally I have suffered 5 miscarriages, 3 of which were before Emmy was conceived and 2 between Emmy and Harry, I had fantastic care from wonderful consultants, and this is just one of the reasons why 2 children are definitely enough for me.

Which infertility may not have been an immediate issue for me, I did find that each time I was pregnant and subsequently lost that baby it would take longer and longer to fall pregnant each time.

Of course every month I would convince myself I was pregnant again, it was easy enough before so I assumed it would be again……and with every passing month it grew harder on my emotions and each month I would become more and more upset and depressed when I wasn’t pregnant again.

In school during sex education classes you are taught that on the first time you ever have sex you can become pregnant, which of course if very true and has happened to many I know. I completely agree with this teaching method as hopefully it will help to prevent a lot more teen pregnancies however having it drummed into you that sex = pregnancy really hurts when you are struggling to become pregnant, whether that is for the first or third time. Eventually I was successful in becoming a Mummy to two amazing children but the struggle was hard.

Falling pregnant isn’t always an easy process for many women – you have in your mind that you want to start a family, you may even come off of the contraceptive pill in preparation for this journey, but what you aren’t told in advance is that for many it is harder.

You are actually only fertile for a few days each month (2-3 days), and pin-pointing these days is rather difficult even if you have a regular cycle.

Nutural cycles fertility tracking app

Natural Cycles is a hormone-free fertility app invented by Swedish husband and wife team Dr Raoul Scherwitzl and Dr Elina Berglund. This app has helped over 5,000 Swedish women conceive within less than three months on average.  This app has recently launched in the UK.

This app was actually developed by Dr Berglund when she wanted a break from the contraceptive pill, but didn’t want to fall pregnant herself at that time.


Natural Cycles works by identifying a woman’s ovulation and fertile window by tracking her period and
temperature. Women are required to record their temperature (under their tongue) in the morning and enter it into the app which uses a unique algorithm to determine whether they are fertile on that day.
This app can be used to track your ‘natural cycle’ so can be used to pin point dates when you are fertile thus helping to increase the chances each month of becoming pregnant, of course knowing when you are fertile each month can also help you to avoid sexual activity during those days.
Natural Cycles is offering women in the UK a refund if they don’t conceive in the first 9 months of use as well as 50% off a yearly subscription by visiting and inputting this code (valid until 31 December): EMMYSMUMMYNC


This app would have been rather helpful when I was trying to conceive after my miscarriages. I found that stress changed my cycles quite a lot and they then varied in length, so I would think my period was due only to then be late – convince myself I was pregnant and then only to be disappointed a week later when my period finally came a little late.

By tracking temperature, once you have a ‘norm’ to go by it can help to show fertile dates and then by continuing to track your temperature it can show whether or not you are pregnant.

Have you tracked your temperature for fertility methods? I would love to know how you found this process and whether or not you’d use an app like this?


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