Who needs a day to prove their love

You’ll be blind to have not noticed all of the cards, teddies and balloons in stores currently, it’s almost Valentine’s Day and the one day you can shower your loved ones with over priced everything just to show them that you care….

Oh wait!!!

That is completely wrong isn’t it.

If you love someone why wait for a special day to show them that you care?

When I was young I was completely swept up in the whole Valentine’s Day thing, sneaking cards into someone’s bag marked only with a kiss or question mark was fun, finding one on the doorstep with no idea who had sent it used to fill me with butterflies but once you are married or even living with that special someone the idea of Valentine’s Day to me just seems wrong.

Why do we need a dedicated day to show someone you love them?

Shouldn’t this be done automatically, with no reason and just because?

Showing someone you love them isn’t all about cards and romantic meals, it’s the little gesture’s which matter more.

Paul shows his love for me all the time – a kiss goodbye in the morning, and a hug and a cuddle when he returns home from work.

I probably don’t show him enough but I do the little things like make a cup of tea in the mornings or a breakfast when he wakes at the weekend, I have his dinner ready for him when he gets in from work and will ask if he wants anything special when I do the food shop. I buy boxes of chocolates for him to take to work – just because and he writes me little love notes all the time.

Love isn’t about a dedicated day, it’s about showing how much someone means to you just because you want to and not because society has a day dedicated to reminding you that you should show affection on this day.

You can surprise someone throughout the year with little gifts too, show them you care with some nice flowers just because you thought about them while shopping – besides they will be cheaper too.

I like to give Paul little gifts I find while shopping throughout the year because I can, it shows him that I was thinking of him.

Are you one to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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