New Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® Bin Liners #AD

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Housework: Noun – meaning regular work done in housekeeping, such as cleaning, shopping, and cooking
– Oxford Dictionary

Whether we love it or loathe it, housework is something we all have to do within our homes to keep the space in a liveable condition. Just how much we do of course depends on the person, you could be someone who likes a spotless home with no mess or clutter, or you could be someone who does the bare minimum to keep it clean and tidy.

I fall into the latter category, I would love to have a spotless home, but with 2 children and a home which has been referred to as the ‘toy shop,’ it’s not always easy. I hoover and tidy daily but there are corners of clutter too, toys which we have yet to find homes for, paperwork to be filed and usually a washing basket of clean clothes at the end of my bed as I’ve not gotten around to putting those away before bedtime again.

Do you have jobs around the house which you just hate doing?

There are a few I hate doing and as a result, I tend to put them off as much as possible, these include:

  • Moving and cleaning under the sofas – there are always an accumulation of kids toys found under them, just how so many come to hide there is beyond me, but it’s a scary day when those are moved as I just never know what I will find. Guaranteed there will also be the odd socks I have been searching for.
  • Ironing – to combat this I just don’t iron! None of my clothes need ironing (I purposefully don’t buy any which do), the kid’s school uniforms are washed and hung straight away and Paul knows if he wants a shirt ironed he has to do it himself, of course, he doesn’t so wears them creased.
  • Putting away clean clothes – I always have great intentions but them the basket is still on my bed come bedtime so gets moved to the floor, where it can stay for a few days.
  • Emptying the bins – I hate that the bin bags fall down inside the bin meaning I then have to tip it into another to retrieve the rubbish, or if I knot them at the side it makes them harder to remove.

Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® Bin Liners


You know you are an adult when introduced to a new product and your first response is “Where have these been all my life?”. I know it’s a little sad but that was my first reaction when introduced to the new Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® Bin Liners.

The bin liners have a unique built-in elastic fastening system that prevents the liner from slipping into the bin, preventing unwanted mess and who wouldn’t want that!

It also features a triple layer thickness which helps to prevents any leaks, removing the unpleasant job of cleaning inside the bin, another job I hate to do especially in winter when it’s not always easy to rinse them and leave outside to dry.


The other great feature is that these are uniquely sealed at the side of the bag, rather than at the bottom like the traditional bin bags. This helps to prevent the bag from splitting under the weight of the rubbish, especially if you are someone who overfills the bags as you can’t be bothered to empty them.

These new bin bags are available in 12 x 30L from selected Nisa stores and 10 x 50L versions, available from Tesco with a RRP of £2.49.

With drawstring handles for closing and carrying and an elasticated top, these really do make one of the worse housework jobs a little more bearable.

See just how easy they are to use for yourself:


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