New date for sponsered abseil

The revised date for this abseil has been announced and will be 1st October 2011.

I have set this date aside in my diary, and am gearing myself up ready however I still do not have 100 Facebook ‘likes’ yet!! So unless 28 more people head over to my page I can still chicken out!!

Just to remind you: the abseil is down the side of our local Church – Waltham Abbey Church and money raised will be split equally between the Church (Paul and I were married here and Emmy was christened here) and Breast Cancer Care.  Breast Cancer Care is very close to our hearts especially at the moment and we would love to raise as much as we can.

So please could we have your support; head over to my Facebook page here and click ‘like’.  It’s that easy, I currently have 72 ‘likes’ on my page and need 100 before I sign up.

If you would like to sponser Paul and I, leave a comment below or email me or you can donate straight to Breast Cancer Care here.

Thank you.

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