New friends to stay – Chocolate Rabbit Family

When I think back to my childhood I have fond memories of a few toys, I dearly wish they had survived so I could pass them down to Emmy, one of those toys are my Sylvanian Families toys – a classic toy which are still going strong.
Recently a new family moved in upstairs, they came to stay one morning and they seem to have become so comfortable that they are rather keen to stay perminately. 
Of course I mean a Sylvanian family.  The Chocolate Rabbit family to be exact.  A mum, Dad and two children.
Emmy soon decided that their new home would be her dolls house (kicking out the wooden dolls in the process).
It didn’t take long for them to setting in.
Dad was put in charge of cooking dinner, while the kids had a bath.
They’ve been playing in the garden on the swing all day and were rather messy.  Luckily it is easy to remove their clothes if wanted – sadly it’s rather tricky for little hands to put them back on again – they were very cooperative though and just decided to help with the laundry by bathing with their clothes on!

Emmy is loving these classic toys – toys we can play with together and makes me think of my youth.  We will definitely be adding to our collection after seeing how much fun she is having with them.
They have moved themselves into her dolls house now and I very much doubt they will allow the dolls back in – and I am glad about that.  These cute white rabbits with chocolate coloured ears are the start of Emmy’s Sylvanian Families collection. 
This family are available from Amazon and Toys R Us for £15.99
 Disclaimer: Emmy received this family in exchange for this post.  All thoughts are our own.



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