New look blog – what do you think?

Well if you’ve missed our redesign then you’ve been hiding under a rock, working or don’t follow us on any of our media channels.

If that’s the case then please feel free to follow us using the new look social media buttons in the

It was time for a rebrand, as much as I liked the old header (this one)

It was getting tedious having to change the kids photos every few months when they grew and no longer looked like their photos, as kids tend to do.

My idea stemmed from Emmy’s Cinderella cartoon which was made for us for review purposes by the Custom Cartoon Bakery – you can read my review here.

I loved this picture so much:

I knew straight away that I HAD to get one made of Harry too.  Having had a previous relationship with the wonderful company I began hatching a plan, and asked then to turn Harry into a Super hero, for which I paid.

This is the end result – doesn’t it look amazing?

From this – to this!

When it first came back for preview the Spiderman wasn’t quite right – he had very blond hair and a slim face and as you can see from my Harry he has the chubbiest cheeks EVER and I wanted the cartoon to show this, and to darken his hair.  Once again Custom Cartoon Bakery did not fail me and I LOVE his Spiderman.  Since I first wrote my review for the company they have stopped the digital downloadable option and are now concentrating on canvas’ and posters, and although they specialise in superheroes and princesses they do say if you are looking for something else then you only need to ask and they will see what they can do (how fantastic is that?)

I actually loved Emmy’s picture so much so that I approached a friend and fellow Blogger Sarah who blogs over at This is me – Sarah mum of 3 with a special request.  I didn’t even wait for Harry picture to return – I was too excited! 

I asked if she could design me new headers for all my media channels and a new blog header. 

I sent across Emmy and Harry’s finished cartoon pictures first thing on Thursday morning and by Thursday night Sarah had already worked her magic and sent across a preview of my blog header.  Nothing needed changing – she followed my suggestions perfectly and it was EXCACTLY as I wanted, exactly as I would have made if I had the talent that Sarah does.

I had all my competed art work for all media channels back before lunch today! (Friday)

How quick is that?

Now finally I have a new look blog with matching headers and avatars across ALL of my social media platforms (or at least I should have – if I’ve missed one do let me know).

My next job is to get some fab new matching business cards printed.

What do you think?

Thanks so much to Sarah and the Custom Cartoon Bakery for my complete new look!

Disclosure:  I have paid for my Spiderman picture and Sarah for her work and was not asked to write this post – I’m just SO excited I had to!

48 thoughts on “New look blog – what do you think?

  1. Love the new look – it's very distinctive and memorable. May it herald in a new era of fabulously good blogging times.

    1. Thank you Joanne.
      I must admit to being so bored with the old look it was not making me happy about my blog.
      Now new change and a new return to blogging for me, as and when and I'm enjoying it again.

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