New series of Puffin Rock is now on Nick Jr

If you have little ones you may have already come across the cute and adorable TV series Puffin Rock, well there is great news – the new series has now started (great for parents who don’t want to have to watch the same episodes over and over again) and you can find this over on Nick Jnr at 3.10pm every weekday – with episodes repeating the following day at 8am and 8pm.

Aimed at 3-5 year olds, Puffin Rock follows the adventures of puffling Oona, her little brother Baba and their family and friends in a gorgeous and wild Irish Island.  It is narrated by Chris O’Dowd (The IT Crowd, Bridesmaids) and Oona is voiced by 11 year old Kate McCafferty (ex Irish Dancing world champion).

We were lucky enough to get to see an advance preview of on of the shows in the new series ‘The First Snow’, in this episode Oona discovers her first glimpse of snow and can not wait to wake up her family to show them what she has found.

While Oona and Baba are allowed to go off and play in the snow while their Mummy and Daddy go fishing to  stock up on food incase of a storm.  They head off to find their best friend and have lots of fun playing in the snow for the very first time.  In all the excitement Oona forgets that Baba is so small and still has his baby feathers so feels the cold more and of course they went out without breakfast.

It starts to snow again and before long is has become to heavy for the young friends to find their way home, so they work together at finding some shelter until the storm passes and use a hedgehogs burrow to help them stay warm underground and reach the safety of the puffin burrow.

Harry was glued to this episode and of course has now been asking daily when we are likely to get snow so he can play.

Take a look a peek at the new series for yourself:

Are your children fans?  I personally find the little Puffins really cute

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