It’s the time for new skills – Learning to ride without stabilisers

It was only last week I shared with you Harry’s new skill of learning to ride his bike properly, his confidence doing this has been amazing and the speeds he can now peddle amazes me and certainly makes the school run interesting as he whizzes off really fast and I then have to make a mad dash after him, especially on the hills.
Not to be outdone, yesterday Emmy asked if again she could try to ride her bike without her stabilisers on.
I’ve mentioned before that we have tried this on a few occasions however her confidence wasn’t there and whenever she began to wobble she would give up and ask for them back on again.  Not wanting to put her off her bike forever we went with the flow, she would get it eventually.
Paul took both kids out yesterday while I went for a nap, feeling full of cold and rather unwell.  On return he said she did it – she tried and managed a little bit without falling, admittedly it was only a little bit but an improvement all the same. 
After dinner she asked if I could go out with her and watch her try again.
Footwear is essential and we opted to wear her GORE-TEX trainers as they can be tightened well and have a very good grip on them.
With the grass being a little damp due to the rain the day before, I wanted to ensure her feet slipping off the peddles didn’t hinder any progress.
As a GORE-TEX Big Days 2015 family, both children recently received these trainers in different colours.  Emmy’s are going strong and fit really well and with them being Velcro this means she can put them on herself which is a huge winner obviously.  They are looking weathered due to the suede on them which is scuffed and scratched from all the time spent doing this:
Both children love to spend as much time as they can outdoors and climbing trees is a favourite pastime for both.
Harry’s trainers no longer fit him, as he has managed to go up a whole shoe size this summer and has almost shot out of his 2-3 clothes and into his 3-4 wardrobe just as fast. 
Emmy tried riding her bike alone on the way to the field behind our house, however found it difficult as the ground wasn’t flat and there were nettles she was worried about falling into.
Once in the field she got Paul to hold her up to start with and then run a short way with her and then she was off.  Short distances to begin with and each time she tried she went further and further on her one and even eventually worked out how to start off alone without us holding her up and running with her.
She was beaming, she phone everyone and made she we messaged all her Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles and friends to tell them.
She is one proud and excited little bike rider and I am one proud Mummy.
Such a very clever girl.
No we need to keep up our promise of getting her a new bike, she has outgrown her current one but we said she could have a new one when she learnt to ride this without stabilisers – you know what we will be doing next weekend now!
A video posted by Clare Nicholas (@emmysmummy1) on Sep 20, 2015 at 10:53am PDT
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I am linking this post to Jaime’s Magic Moments – You can find lots of other Magic Moments just like ours here.

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Disclaimer:  As a GORE-TEX Big Days 2015 family we received these shoes for the purpose of this post, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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5 thoughts on “It’s the time for new skills – Learning to ride without stabilisers

  1. What a fab achievement for Emmy, I bet she was so proud when she realised she could do it no stabilisers. It's sweet that she wanted to tell all the family that she could now ride her bike with no stabilisers. I bet she's excited to go shopping for a new bike as a treat! Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

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