New Year, New Luggage

I know I may be planning in advance here, but I’ve already started thinking about Summer 2014.  I can’t help it – the drab winter makes me dream of a sandy, faraway shore.  I don’t really mind where we go, as long as it’s hot, the hotel is clean and the kids happy.

I’m sure I’ve already mentioned that Harry is into EVERYTHING – nothing is safe from his little hands!  With Christmas on the way, Santa has had to find ingenious new places to store presents, which are well out of the way of the kids (and Hubby’s) way – Emmy is now at the age of beginning to search around my cupboards.

While I was stowing the presents away in a suitcase (on Santa’s behalf of course), I noticed how battered our old luggage was looking.  Scraped, dirty and damaged, they are really starting to show their age.

I’ll definitely need to invest in some new ones before a holiday next year as I’m not sure these ones could survive another trip. I know you can pick up suitcases relatively cheap these days from budget stores however I don’t quite trust them if I’m honest, and I definitely wouldn’t want to be the one picking up my undies from the floor in a packed airport or even from the reception floor in my hotel (it would be just my luck).

That’s why I’m prepared to spend a little more on my luggage.  Samsonite are a really great brand that are renowned for their quality.  They can be a little more expensive but, in my opinion, it’s worth it.  Plus, DCH Supplies have Samsonite luggage at great prices, so I maybe able to get a bargain.

Obviously, I will need a large suitcase to fit all our clothes in, one with additional pockets would be ideal for an extra bit of storage.   Normally, I just use a beach bag as hand luggage, however it is usually filled to the rafters.

Instead of rummaging around in a seamlessly bottomless bag, I’m thinking of investing in some Samsonite cabin luggage too.  Conforming to the new hand luggage regulations – these suitcases provide enough room for the essentials and then some!  As travelling light is not something Emmy and Harry do well.

Of course, once the luggage is sorted I will need to actually plan our holiday destination.  Emmy has already decided we are returning to Butlin’s for her birthday next year as she had so much fun this year, and we are looking into a holiday with Nanny and Grandad towards the end of next year to Gran Caneria to visit their timeshare there along with many other family members as Nanny is very ill and would like perhaps a final family holiday. 

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