New years resolutions

New Year = New Resolutions?
Each year I try to keep to mine, lose weight, keep up-to-date with paperwork and every year I fail badly, this year I thought about not making a resolution however I decided that this year I will try to save for a rainy day.
As always there are lots of rainy days in this household, so I’ve decided to put money aside now each week to try to pay for these.
My resolution is to put a pound away in week 1 – very doable, £2 in week 2, £3 in week 3… see the pattern.  By doing it in such small amount I won’t miss the money and then when the car breaks again or needs taxing I will have the money already put aside.  So far I’ve put the £6 away, not missed it at all and it doesn’t sound a lot but by the end of the year will be over £1000.
Next on my to-do-list is to sort a pension, below is an infographic from NOW: pensions which does make you think about the future.


Disclosure – I have received vouchers to share the above picture with you.

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