Night Night, Lights Out – unless you’re reading that is

I’ve written before on numerous occasions just how bad Emmy is at falling asleep, the bed hopping and the million and one excuses to leave the bedroom have gotten beyond a joke. I don’t think there is an excuse around that she hasn’t used to prolong bedtimes:

  • I’m hot
  • I’m cold
  • I’m hungry
  • I’m thirsty
  • I’m lonely
  • I’m scared
  • It’s too dark
  • I’ve not done my homework
  • I’m poorly

The list is just endless.

I know many children don’t like the dark but Emmy takes her dislike of it to a whole new level, she prefers to fall asleep with her main light on.

We’ve often joked that her bedroom is like Blackpool illuminations but it’s actually not far from the truth, she refuses to have the black-out blinds up in her room so has a blind which lets all the light in, there is even a street light just outside her bedroom window and it doesn’t bother her one bit.

She also likes to have a night light on while she sleeps, I insist she uses this instead of her main light as it can’t be good for you falling asleep with a full light on every single night.

Light influences our internal clock through specialized “light sensitive” cells in the retina of our eyes. These cells, which occupy the same space as the rods and cones that make vision possible, tell the brain whether it is daytime or nighttime, and our sleep patterns are set accordingly.

Recently, we were send a Nova Clip-On Lamp from Ollie and Leila and Emmy loves it.

We had struggled to find a bedside lamp for her room as not long ago I moved her room around yet again, and while she does have a bedside table she likes to fill it up with her ‘trinkets and treasures’ leaving little space for a lamp.

This is perfect as it can clip onto almost anything so we are able to reposition it as we need to. Currently it is clipped to her windowsill but if also fits onto her headboard should she want to sleep the other side of her double bed.

It can also be moved over to her desk for when she does her homework should she need extra lighting. It has a long cord so easily reaches all of the sockets and had an on/off switch located on the cable so I am easily able to turn this off when she does finally fall asleep.

The adjustable neck means it can be positioned where you need the light, and using a low wattage bulb this makes for a great night light and reading lamp for Emmy’s room.

It is available in a range of colours including: Black, Grey, White, Dark and Light Green and Red

In a bid to help Emmy to unwind and get a better nights sleep we have started ensuring she has time to read before bed. Reading helps me to fall asleep and it’s been working rather well for Emmy too. We now set a TV off time and then it’s lights out – if she isn’t tired by that time she can read a book for half an hour but she has never made it to the end of that time as when I go to check on her the book is on the floor or on her chest where she’s fallen asleep reading her latest adventure book.

What we are doing to help Emmy get a better nights sleep:

  • Warm baths before bed with no toys
  • Getting her to write down notes of things which are worrying her or that she needs to do – this saves her having to come down to tell us
  • TV off after 8pm
  • Lavender spray on her pillow
  • A snack before – fruit or cereal
  • No main light on in her room
  • Toys put away in the cupboards
  • I read her a story for 15 minutes
  • She can read for 30 minutes

We seem to now be making progress and she is sleeping far better and hasn’t been yawning her head off in class – it’s little steps but she has been a bad sleeper for over 8 years, it will take a while.

You can see all Ollie & Leila products on their website and you can also follow over on Facebook and Twitter.


Disclaimer: We were sent the lamp for the purpose of this post

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