Nine Lives – A hilarious family feel good movie

This is a movie which my children absolutely love.  Every Friday we have a night where they have their camp beds downstairs in the living room, we wait for their Daddy to come home from work and along with a few snack all sit down together for a movie before the children camp out downstairs for the night, and I sleep on the sofa next to them.


From the off this movie had them howling with laughter and glued to the screen. The story is of billionaire business Tom Brand (Kevin Spacey) who works such long and busy hours he loses touch with what is most important – his family.  Tom forgets to buy his daughter an 11th birthday present so rushes into a weird and wonderful pet store which is filled with odd and exotic cats.

He is lucky as the store owner has just the perfect cat for him, Mr Fuzzypants.  En-route home there is an accident which leaves Tom in the hospital in a coma but all is not what it seems, his body has become trapped inside of the cat and now he has to try to show his wife and daughter where and how he is……not that easy really.

He tries to spell out his name with fridge magnets, drink his tipple of choice and isn’t best happy with the cat food choices his family offer him.  Originally a cat-hater he soon finds it is a great way of spending more time with his family – but while doing so he has to make them all happy and do a selfless deed so he is able to get back to his own body.

This really is a Merry Cat-Mas movie not to miss and it is now out on DVD (£10) and Blue-Ray (£13) from today courtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

Cool Cat Facts

Cats are curious creatures and can behave quite oddly. A perfect example is Mr. Fuzzypants in the new film Nine Lives, which follows the escapades of a successful businessman trapped in the body of the newly adopted household cat as he tries to reconnect with the family he’s grown distant from. Nine Lives arrives on DVD and Blu-ray 12 December, and to celebrate the release here are a list of cat facts courtesy of Cats Protection that can help you determine if you’ve brought home a typical feline or your dad in disguise!

SLEEP – Cats sleep upwards of 15 hours a day! You’ll know your furry friend is a true feline if they laze about a good portion of the day and expend their energy in bursts nearer dawn and dusk as that is when they typically hunt.

KNEADING – Cats knead or paw at the ground when they are happy in a habit leftover from kittenhood, so be wary if your kitty doesn’t do this!

TOMS AND QUEENS – A male cat is often referred to as a ‘Tom’, while a female cat is called a ‘Queen’.

HEARING – Cats can hear sounds up to 77,000 Hertz, even higher than dogs and much higher than humans. Most cats will respond to noises their owners can’t hear.

KINDLE AND CLOWDER – A ‘Kindle’ is a group of kittens and a ‘Clowder’ is a group of adult cats.

LANDING ON THEIR FEET – All cats carry an incredible ability to right themselves in mid-air and turn to land on their feet when falling. Handy for learning to climb trees!

HEIGHTS – Cats like finding high perches where they can survey their surroundings from above. Cats Protection suggests making sure your cat has access to resting places that give it a good view of the rest of the room.

HEAD RUB– Cats say hello to each other by rubbing their heads or side of their bodies on each other, so if your cat attempts to shake your hand it’s probably not your ordinary feline.

SUNBURN – Cats can sunburn! Most cats love to laze in the sunshine, but light-haired cats especially are susceptible to sunburn! So if you see a cat sporting sunscreen on their ears and nose, they probably just have caring owners and aren’t really humans in disguise. Cats Protection suggests asking a vet for recommended non-toxic creams that are safe for furry felines.

cat-hamperIf you are looking for items to buy your cat this Christmas then why not put together a little hamper for goodies such as this one above which includes:

A Cats Protection  branded cat bowl
A Cats Protection 2017 kitten calendar
A Cats Protection magnet
A catnip cat toy
A cat mug
A Cats Protection pen
2x bags of Felix goody bag treats
A Cats Protection pin badge
A wipe clean mat for under a cat food bowl
A ‘love my cat’ apron
A Cats Protection branded notebook
In the kids’ prize there is:
A kong cat-shaped cat brush
A small cuddly cat

Disclaimer: I received an advanced copy of this movie and a selection of cat goodies in exchange for this post



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