No More YUCK milk

A few weeks ago I discovered the hard way that my fridge has stopped working.  The worst way possible – at bedtime when a very sleepy girlie was drinking her bedtime milk I was greeted with “YUCK Mummy, horrid Milky”, then by the throwing of the beaker to the ground.

Thinking it was a ploy to stay up later I kept saying “Don’t be silly Emmy, nice Milky” well that was until I tried it, it definitely was horrid milky.  We tried playing around with the settings but it made no difference, whatever we did our fridge would not stay cold. 

Obviously this is extremely bad timing as I was just about to give up work to have baby number 2, almost in despair I went to work and when I checked my emails in the day I almost cried, appliances online had emailed asking if I would like to review a Fridge/Freezer for them……that email took a whole 2 minutes to reply to and 3 days later we took a most welcomed and the most timely of deliveries.

Our old Fridge/Freezer was an integrated one which we had already decided we wouldn’t try to replace as it was here when we moved in and we really weren’t very keen on all our appliances being hidden away – we would love to change our kitchen and the units so this was one step towards that.  One reason for not wanting to have the fridge hidden anymore was a purely selfish one – our friends (new ones who doesn’t know our house very well) couldn’t find it – we have a house rule that we will offer you the first drink however after that you help yourself – now they can as they no longer have the excuse that they can’t find the fridge.

We have always had this rule in our house and it works – everyone is more than welcome to help themselves and it saves us numerous trips to the kitchen when we have friends over.

The Fridge/Freezer we received to review was a Hotpoint STR175WP and it is huge improvement on the one we inherited with our house 7 years ago.  Infact I keep having to check it is still working as it is so quiet compared to the last which hummed loudly and occasionally banged too.  I don’t have anything bad to say about this product – it’s a fridge/freezer after all – it works, it does it’s job – our food has been saved and there is no more YUCK milk, if I’m being picky maybe it could do with an additional door shelf but thats all I can think of.

What is has done though is save me time in the future as it is future frost free meaning that in a few months time I won’t have the horrid job of emptying the freezer compartments and defrosting the whole thing – a job I have always hated and put off for as long as possible until the drawers won’t open and food is unrecognisable under the layers of ice.  No more and I’m really pleased about that.

Emmy is also loving the new Fridge/Freezer but for a whole different reason to me – she now has somewhere to put her Fridge magnets!!  I didn’t know we already had so many tucked away which she had no-where to put, they come from everywhere and many yogurts come with free magnets in the pack which is fine if you can actually see and get to the fridge doors (which we couldn’t before).  Emmy now spends ages rearranging her ‘collection’ which I’m sure will only grow bigger with time.

Thank you Appliances Online – your timing could not have been better.

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