No time to boil a kettle – here is the solution

I’ve mentioned before that the first thing Paul does in the mornings is make a cup of tea, it’s a habit which will not be broken and he is still half asleep until he has had this.  Unfortunately Paul has the snooze button habit too – he presses it continuously until I wake him up as he will be late, it’s a habit I hate as an extra pair of hands getting the kids ready in the morning would be rather nice.
When Aldi emailed me to tell me about this weeks SpecialBuys I had a plan, I am aiming to shave off a few minutes from his tea making so he can help with the last minute grabbing lost shoes and coats so I can get out the door without shouting or rushing.
Aldi kindly sent me their Instant Heat kettle and it’s a big hit here.
This kettle heats enough water for a cup at a time and once boiled it pours itself.  Not only is this energy efficient but it saves time too as you can put in the teabag and pour in the milk (Paul always adds his milk first) and then switch it on, by the time Paul has walked over to the fridge and put the milk away his hot water has poured into his cup for him. (We do have a big kitchen)
There is a switch on the top of the kettle which you set to the cup size you require – it’s a little bit of trial and error with this depending on how you like your drinks, I always put less hot water in as I like milky drinks whereas Paul fills his almost to the top adding only a dash of milk.
There is a cancel button and an features boil dry and over heat protection.

The only thing I have found annoying is if you wanted a pint of hot water to make gravy or stock etc you will need to boil a few times, however a large measuring jug does fit under this so it is easy enough to just press the switch again.

This is currently available while stocks last in the SpecialBuys sections of Aldi for £22.99.  Other kitchen items available this week include Ceramic coated frying pan sets, Electric multi-slicer/grater, a single induction hob and many more.
You can find the SpecialBuys on the website
Disclaimer:  We received this item for the purpose of this post, all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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