Not to miss family activities while in Italy

It’s that time of year again when I am day-dreaming and planning.  My favourite time of year if I’m honest, with Half-Term upon us next week (I know already!) I like to ponder holidays.
I’ve not taken the children abroad yet, mainly due to finances but I am a little scared I will admit.  Holidays in the UK are just easier while the children are young, with no hassle of flying, making sure I’ve not forgotten anything, worrying about what they will eat and most important that they aren’t bored.
One of my favourite holidays I had pre-children was to Rome in Italy so my thoughts have drawn my planning family holidays in Italy.  I am thinking of maybe next year however it is never to early to plan and with the children in tow it would be lovely to experience Italy away the craziness of the bustling city and to rent a villa somewhere quiet where we would be able to just roam and explore the region.  
To help with my planning I asked around to find out if there are any activities which are perfect for families while holidaying in Italy, things I MUST add to our list as well as doing my own research. 

Villa Adalle Cottage – Umbria

Here is what I currently have:

  • A family bike ride around the Lake Garda was a fond memory of a Julie and her family from their holiday last year.

  • Cass also recommends a bike ride around the lakes as well as a trip to Verona to see Romeo & Juliet’s balcony

  • Swimming at Thermal Park looks fabulous and the pictures in this post written by Emma make it look amazing.

  • Greeta has a whole post dedicated to family activities in Sicily and I am definitely adding visiting a Volcano and exploring a Castle to our must do list.

  • Visiting a chocolate factory in Tuscany is more than enough of a reason for me to look into Villa holidays there not to mention the Sagra’s you are able to join in with.
    A Sagra is an evening of fun and food organised by the local community.  You will find local delicacies on offer at these local fairs, and the children are often able to run around and play together which gives a perfect chance for the children to make new friends.

  • Louise says there are some amazing caves which you can explore in Puglia – I know both Emmy and Harry would love to do this.

  • Food tours and food markets would of course be high on our list, my children adore Italian food so it would be a perfect chance to explore and try some new foods.
The more I look into this the more I am determined to make my plans a reality, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Villa Trullo – Puglia


Have you visited Italy with children?  What are your must do and must see places to visit and what tips can you offer?
“This is a collaborative post”


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