Notes to my 30 year old self – What would you tell your 30 year old self?

This year I’ll be 35 so 30 wasn’t all that long ago however a LOT has changed in that time.  To me 30 was just another number and not a big deal however I’ve had friends who had made life changes around this time, others have taken big holidays, a few have had a massive party, while others have had a mini mid-life crisis.  I really wasn’t fussed at all. 
At 30 I was pregnant with Emmy, she was born 2 months after this birthday, my fourth pregnancy and my first child.  I was married and working full time as a Nanny, although I did stop working around this birthday to start my maternity leave.
With Prince Harry having just turned 30, Tombola, the sponsors of ITV’s Loose women launched a discussion on Tombola Times where you can see video content of the Loose Women giving their 30 year old selves some advice.
For example Jane Moore says: “Don’t wear pedal pushers!” She then talks about advice she would give her daughters – “I always tell them ‘your twenties are for you and in your thirties, if you want do want to have children, that’s probably the time to start trying’ and that’s the advice I would give to myself”.
So given the chance to turn back time would I give my 30 year old self any advice?  Well yes I would have a few things to say:
Taken 4 days after my 30th Birthday – Christmas day 2009
*Save for a rainy day…things maybe ok now but that will all change dramatically and financially it will be extremely hard
*Cherish the time with Emmy while she is small. Everyone says time speeds up when you have children and it’s very true
*Don’t rush back to work…there really isn’t any need to go back when Emmy is 3 months, enjoy a little longer with her
*Get the other side of the camera more…pictures of Emmy as a baby are lovely BUT pictures with Mummy and Emmy are captured memories
*Don’t look back. No point dwelling on the past the future is what you make of it so be tough!
*Push yourself more – you’re more capable than you think and your are able to achieve great things if you just try a little harder and believe in yourself
If you had the chance to give your 30 year old self some advice what would it be?
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