Num Noms Series 1 review

Emmy has a new passion currently and that is anything collectable, she isn’t at all fussy on what it is just as long as she knows there are different ones to buy and to build a collection then she HAS to have it.
Her newest love is Num Noms, now I am actually very late with this post and she has had these for ages but life sometimes takes over and I can’t get the words down in time, I’m so late in fact that series 2 has hit the stores already.
You’ve most likely seen these in the stores by now, these are very cute and colourful characters based on foods such as cupcakes and ice-creams.
Sour citrus cupcake num noms series 1, blind packs num noms
Num Noms are made up of 2 parts, Num – is the hollow squashy stackable tops which are scented and stack on top of each other finally sitting upon a Nom which is the hard shelled characters which are motorised and move around, or are filled with scented lip gloss.
You can stack your Nums up to create all sorts of colourful and delicious smelling creations – in fact there are over 1,000 mix and match creations available.
Num Noms are available in a variety of options: In price ascending order:
  • Num Nom Mystery Blinds Pots which include a Num and a surprise flavoured Nom lip gloss in a yoghurt-style mystery pot.
  • Num Noms Starter Packs which include three Nums and one motorised Nom, plus a spoon and a cup or cone.
  • Num Noms Deluxe these include six Nums, two motorised Noms plus a spoon and a cup or cone.
  • Num Nom Go-Go Café Playset which features a special edition Num Nom, the Go-Go Café playset has everything you need to set your Num Noms free! Let them scoot around, go on the slide, teeter-totter saucer, spinning doughnut wheel or in the peek-a-boo teapot shower.
Num Noms series 1 lipgloss and motorised
These were a great hit with Emmy who loved stacking them up as high as she could on top of the motorised Nom and seeing how far they could go without falling off.
She also loved creating her own ice-creams using the spoon to scoop the Nums and placing them into the cup.

As these blind pots are pocket money prices they are a great alternative to her after school Friday treat of a magazine.

The Nums are thankfully rather squashy in design which is rather handy when Emmy has left them laying on the floor and I’ve trodden on them – they don’t break when this happens (Phew!) but don’t stand on the Noms as these are hard and WILL hurt your foot if barefooted (yes I did and yes I shouted) and if it’s the motorised one you may go flying (*cough* I also did) – now I would love a very cute collectibles box to be available for these, to keep them all nicely contained but for now we have stored Emmy’s in an old lunchbox so they aren’t on the floor.

Num Noms stacked in a cup

Although each Num has it’s own unique smell these are very subtle and not at all over powering as a few scented toys can tend to be.  The lip balms have been Emmy’s favourites and she has sneaked these into her school bag and shares them with Harry as her special lipstick.

Smelling the Num Nom lipgloss

Disclaimer:  Emmy received a selection of Num Noms in exchange for this post, all thought and options are my own.

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