Num Noms takeover Bella Italia

A few weeks ago, Paul, the children and I headed off to Lakeside to attend an event at Bella Italia where there was to be a Num Noms takeover party.

Incase you’ve not heard of Num Noms yet, they are the latest collectible toys for children to hit the shelves, named as the new Shopkins these collectibles come in many shapes and sizes. Made to resemble food and drinks, these can be stacked up to create an ice-cream sundae, plated up as Burger and Chips – the choices are limitless. You can read our review of Num Noms here.

The sets come with utensils so you can plate up your ‘food’, spoon then into cups or ice-cream cones or even pop them onto baking trays ready to serve up. These toys are scented and come in sets or blind bags. There are 2 parts to these toys – Nums which are the squishy scented stackable tops and the Nom which is a hard-shelled bottom which is either motorised or a lip gloss.

At Bella Italia the children were treated to a HUGE pile of these toys to play with and Emmy was in her element. Not only did they have the mini sets she has at home but they had the ice cream lip gloss van which she has been wanting for ages and all of the sets she has been longing for after looking them up online.

Num Noms series 2

Num Noms Bella Italia Harry

As well as playing with these toys the children could also take part in a guess that taste game, blindfolded they had to taste the items on the table and identify them. I was so surprised they both joined in as Emmy especially isn’t keen on trying new tastes but not only did she embrace the game – she got them all correct.

Taste testing Num Noms Bella Italia

Next up was pizza making, the children were split into groups and when it was their turn they were given a pizza base and a table FULL of ingredients to top this with. Emmy and Harry needed no instruction as this is something we do often at home, they of course when for the toppings they love the best and had a blast sprinkling as much cheese as they could possibly fit onto the base and adding chicken & tomatoes. Once cooked they were able to tuck into their creations and I have to admit they were delicious.

Pizza making at Bella Italia

Once finished they were allowed to raid the ice-cream stand choosing whichever ice-cream they wanted and adding toppings too – just like Num Noms the choice was endless and if they could have tried everything they possibly would have.

They also had Num Noms colouring to help pass the time and a fantastic face painter who created these master pieces on the kids.

Num Noms

We had a blast and it has enforced Emmy’s love of these collectibles – for that I’m still not sure whether to be grateful or to curse.

Num Noms colouring Bella italia

Disclaimer: We were guests to this event, all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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