Octonauts Gup-K review

Harry has always been an Octonauts fan, he is obsessed with the show and pretends he is having underwater adventures.

Recently he received a remote control Octonauts Gup-K to play with and he couldn’t contain himself.

gup-kInside  box are:

  • Gup-K
  • remote control
  • Barnacle
  • 2 removable swamp speeders
  • A water canon and water dart
  • Baby Alligator

This toy comes without batteries and takes 4 AA batteries inside the base of the Gup-K and 2 AAA batteries in the remote control.


Setting up is very ease once you have removed it all from the packaging.  Firstly you will need to unscrew the batter compartments and inset the batteries which takes only a matter on minutes.

Then the 2 swamp speeders sit on top on the Gup-K and Barnacle sits or stands inside, there are holes on his feet and little peg positioners in the seat to hold him in place.

The water canon then sits on the back.


This toy is controlled by the remote control which is a small size but fits perfectly into little hands.  It has forwards and backwards directional controls only however to does verve off to the side meaning it will turn in a circle with a lot of practice.

Harry’s having fun crashing the Octonaults remote control GUP-K Think he needs some practice lol #review

A video posted by Clare Nicholas (@emmysmummy1) on

The Gup-K is actually larger than I expected and a little trickier to control than you’d expect. Harry hasn’t had a remote controlled toy before and struggled to make this go in the directions he wanted.

He did however still enjoy playing with it and giggled whenever he crashed it.

The Gup-K comes with only one figure but has space for up to 6, with other figures available separately.

Octonauts Gup-K reviewThe mouth of the Gup-K opens and closes as it drives along making it look as is if it’s eating objects in its way.

This toy is NOT a water toy so while in the show it can drive through the swamps you can’t do this at home, but children have fantastic imaginations so they can pretend they have a swamp or even create their own one.

This toy has a RRP of £39.99 however is currently on offer on Amazon for £31.99 and also in Argos.

Disclaimer: We received this toy in exchange for this post.  All thoughts and opinions are our own. Prices correct at the time of publishing.


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