A new friend has come to stay – Meet Olwyn our Oobicoo doll

We have a house full of Teddy Bears, the kids seem to collect them whenever we go our and they are played with for a day, two if I’m lucky then tossed aside.  Dolls are what both of my children adore so were very taken with our latest addition Olwyn when she arrived.
Olwyn is a baby sized soft bodied doll, infact she is a doll who wears your child’s old baby clothes – Made to resemble a 6 month old baby; what better way to re-live your child’s baby days, to rekindle the memories and to get some more use out of otherwise redundant clothes than to put them onto a new friend for them to play with.  This is a play mate for your toddler, a perfect size for them to play with.
She arrives in a vest with the company name on and you can choose what she wants to wear.
I couldn’t resist getting my favourite baby grow of Emmy’s out again, her Ted Baker outfit I bought when I was pregnant with her.
The outfit is aged 3-6 months and fits perfectly, it just looks a little wrinkly on the legs as the Oobicoo dolls are made to stay in a seated position.  
What I love about this doll is that it isn’t plastic, there is no plastic what-so-ever in sight.  We have too many of those types of dolls and the children, even Emmy can’t put on their clothes easily.  With this being a fully soft bodied doll you can bend the arms and legs in the direction you want to get on the clothes easier.  This is perfect for when children try themselves, it can still be a little hard for them but the risk of an arm falling off is removed (yes that has happened here!).
Oobicoo dolls are made from recycled and recyclable materials – the stuffing is made from 100% recycled polymer.  Each Oobicoo doll is hand stitched, so each maybe slightly different to the next.  The dolls arrive in a green pouch (this also doubles as a sleeping bag) which eliminates the need for extra packaging such as extra and unnecessary boxes making her a truly eco-friendly toy.
Emmy was as keen on her as Harry and they now share this toy.  We have a pile of clothes out ready for her to wear and they are enjoying being able to take her clothes off and put on new ones.  They especially love it when I can show them pictures of them wearing those clothes when they were small.
Harry has taken to giving her a cuddle and reading her a story before he goes to bed – it’s just the cutest thing ever.  She is also pushed around the house by Harry inside Emmy’s dolls pram. 
She has settled in well and is looking forward to spending Christmas with us, I will draw the line however to cooking her a dinner but she can have a cracker and a hat!
There are 4 different Oobicoo dolls available, 2 boys (Ed and Ollie) and 2 girls (Olwyn and Orla) and they are priced at £29.99 – available from www.oobicoo.com
Disclaimer: We received Olwyn in exchange for a honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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