Once a Week, Take a Peek!

Emmy had her taster session in reception today, and while she was in her class having fun I was sat in a hall with all the other parents being informed of attendance levels, sickness policies, safe guarding measures and of course inevitably the talk turned to head lice.
It’s guaranteed that with 30 children in a class with 3 reception classes at some point in the next year I’m going to have to deal with head lice for the first time.
Now as horrid as they are head lice are a normal part of childhood and nothing to be ashamed of.  They live on all hair types, and it doesn’t matter if you wash it daily or weekly – they just want a head to live on.  Children are the perfect hosts for them as they all huddle together closely and with the amount of children in classes they will spread quickly.
As they spread so quickly it is very important to act fast and that families work together to help avoid infestations by using clinically proven products such as Hedrin, treating the whole family and regular checking.  If you get into the habit of ‘Once a Week, Take a Peek’ then you will be well away to keeping them at bay.
Use a good covering of conditioner and run a nit comb through the hair once a week.  If your children aren’t too keen maybe this video may help them understand why you are doing this.
 For more information, visit www.facebook.com/onceaweektakeapeek.  
Have you had to deal with head lice yet? 
What are your tips for keeping them at bay?
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One thought on “Once a Week, Take a Peek!

  1. My youngest had nits last week….Horrible!
    I'm itching now thinking about it….lol
    Good luck! My eldest went 3 years in school before catching them! There's hope 🙂

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