One on One time with a visit to Hayes Hill Farm

With Harry being the second child he has to get on things on his own more than Emmy ever had to do.
While Emmy had lots of clubs and classes to attend,  Harry is dragged on the school run and to the shops in our free time.
Very boring.
I’m attempting to make Thursdays our special Mummy & Harry day’s as Emmy attends Nursery all day.  I’ve written about our Thursday together before which you can read here.
The other Thursday while the sun was shining I hatched a plan, having only recently been asked by LOOK Insurance Services to add to their map of hidden gems I knew exactly where we were heading – our local farm Hayes Hill Farm

I went with a plan….to try something new.
I left the buggy in the car and Harry donned his reins. At 16 months we always take the buggy for ease but I knew it would be hard to keep getting him out and in then push it and hold his hand while he saw the animals, so it stayed in the car.
His face was a picture when he realised he was allowed to walk and run around freely.
The local farm is small and contained. I knew he would be fine.
Heading in and paying we bought some animal feed and started our adventure.  (Harry was free as under 2 and as it’s term time was only £5.50 for me. Bargain)
Harry took the lead on what we were to do for the day.
The face says it all really, he was loving the freedom.  Although he had his reins on the was little need for them except to steer him out of the big puddles he kept aiming for!

We were in time to seeing the critters feeding time and we got to join in to.  Being only 2 children in the critters room the children were allowed to stroke, hold and to feed them.
Harry loved this – he cuddled a Chinchilla, stroked a bearded dragon and fed the tortoise and was much braver than the other child (and her Mum) by stroking the snake – and then trying to kiss it.
It’s wonderful seeing the children up close and personal with animals you may not have at home.
He loved feeding the goats and the sheep and adored the meerkats.  He was lucky enough to also be able to feed the meerkats – although he did keep aiming for their heads shouting catch!  – Not sure that was going to happen but it amused him greatly.
Another highlight (although Harry was oblivious)
was the gorgeous one day old piglets, we saw them suckling from
their mother and then all snuggle down for a snooze. 

We paused to wash our hands and to have some
lunch, before heading into the soft play area.  While it is
rather small it’s the perfect size for Harry who had the whole of the
toddler area to himself.  He learnt to climb the steps and
navigate to the slide all on his own – what a superstar he is!

Next up was the bunny area where you can go in and
mingle with them, this was almost disastrous as Harry kept trying to
climb over the fences to chase them and it was really muddy.

Hayes Hill Farm (lea valley park farms) are set
over 2 small sites.  This is the first site.

The second is the dairy farm.  Just outside
the farm you can grab a tractor to take you across to the dairy (or
you can walk but the tractor is best for the kids).  In the
dairy farm you get to see the cows being hooked up to the milking
machines and milked. 

We queued for the tractor however Harry was so
tired we decided that was enough for one day and headed home – he was
asleep before I drove out of the farm.

A fun day was had by all and it is so nice to
spend some quality time with my wonderful son.
We love our local farm.



Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

“Posted in collaboration with LOOK”


27 thoughts on “One on One time with a visit to Hayes Hill Farm

  1. Sounds perfect. The bonus when they're small is the ability to do these things when older children are at school so it's quieter and a much more fulfilling experience – and of course that one-on-one time is SO meaningful. Love that he wanted to kiss the snake, makes me want to see the world through a toddler's eyes.

  2. This sounds and looks like a lovely day. I have also found things are different with my second than with my first. The school run has a bigger impact upon us than I expected it to.

  3. What a lovely way to spend time with your little one 🙂 It is really hard to find one-on-one time with the second child, and they get to do things you always said you will never do when you had your first, like watch TV or play on the iPad or eat too much candy 🙂 Life is both harder and easier on them!

  4. How fabulous to have this time together. Harry must have been delighted to be walking too. It sounds like the best place to visit, so many animals and there's nothing better than seeing new piglets. Just wonderful!

  5. How lovely to have some special time set aside for quality one to one. I can see by the joy on Harry's face that he loved the freedom to explore his surroundings. Bless him at only 16 months it's not surprising that he ran out of steam half way round. Thanks for linking up and sharing your fun with Country Kids.

  6. I've been to this farm! It's a really lovely day out. And how fantastic that you got to spend quality one-on-one time. As a parent of two myself, I know how precious (and elusive) that can be.

  7. It is lovely having a day with just one child. I used to do the same with MIni when Maxi had a day at nursery (my mum paid for it), it was wonderful and it looks like your time is well spent with him.

  8. How nice to get to spend some one on one time. You really made me laugh with the throwing things at the meerkats head shouting catch… This piglets are just gorgeous. Puddles are designed for jumping in. (over from the country kids linky)

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