Operation rearrange the playroom for Christmas

In our house since the children arrived we have always put up the Christmas tree on the first weekend in December with the children’s help.

Before the children arrived we would leave it until the weekend before Christmas as we were both busy working and the excitement of Christmas just isn’t the same for adults without children around.

The kids have been so excited about putting up our Christmas tree again this weekend, only there was one HUGE problem – their toys have taken oven the playroom side of the front room and there was actually no free space to place the tree.

With the kids in school this week I have been on a MAJOR clearing mission to sort, clear and declutter in time for Christmas.  Knowing the presents I have ready to wrap for them and the amount they will receive means that toys need to leave this house.

I have bagged up lots of teddies and they have gone to the charity shop, I have sold some of the toys which haven’t been played with for ages and the broken ones have been thrown away.

This was me yesterday amid the chaos:

playroom1I had dumped everything into the middle of the room so I could sweep and clean the floors first before sorting out the toys. Rather annoyingly every time I put down the broom or the dustpan and brush I would then need to spend 10 – 15 minutes searching for them again. Twice I found I had thrown them away in the bin bags and then wished I have a robot vacuum to do the job for me so I could have carried on with sorting the toys and not wasting time searching for that damn broom again and again.

Next time I try this I definitely need more hours to get it all sorted as it took a solid 4 and a half hours to get straight again and I’m not quite finished yet but we do now at least have room for the Christmas tree…..once I find the base for it which has gone missing in action but I’m sure it’s not in the same place at the dustpan and brush.

playroom-tidy-up2 playroom-tidy-up3

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