OptiBac probiotics review

For over a month now Emmy and myself have been using OptiBac probiotics, these are powders which can either be poured over cereals, yogurts etc or mixed into cold drinks. 

They are for infants & children from 6 months to 12 yrs and also for pregnant & breastfeeding women hence we have both been using them.  It is a white powder which easily dissolves into drinks and is tasteless too, we have been having it in our morning apple juice, it makes it a little cloudy however Emmy hasn’t noticed at all.

It is a natural probiotic & prebiotic to support digestion & immunity in infants and children (and pregnant women), Probiotics are a natural way of supporting the digestive system as well as for immunity, skin health, allergies and food intolerance’s.

Emmy had been suffering with toddler diarrhoea for ages before we started on these sachets, a typical toddler problem yet since taking these it seems to (touch wood) have cleared up and she is once again back to normal – thank goodness as we are potty training once again.   Emmy did have a stomach bug recently however before taking these it would have continued for a good few days I did notice it only lasted for 24 hours and then normality returned so I think it has had a good effect on her digestive system overall.

I haven’t noticed any changes for me however I don’t see the harm in continuing to take them – they maybe doing some good that isn’t noticeable and I will be passing on the goodness to the baby which can only be a good thing.

The sachets are available to buy online from http://www.optibacprobiotics.co.uk/ and are available in packs of 10 or 30 with free delivery

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