Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe Adventure AR Review

Since starting in the Juniors Emmy has become obsessed with learning more about the world we live in, she fires questions at us all the time with her current favourite topic being Geography. Now this is a subject along with History which her Father excels in, me on the other hand certainly can’t answer her questions as it’s my weakest subject.

We recently received the Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe Adventure AR and it’s become a much loved learning aid and toy for us all. This is no ordinary Globe the like of which I had as a child, this has an electronic modern twist which helps to teach and keep children engaged for much longer than the older very basic versions.

SmartGlobe Adventure takes young explorers on a journey from the comfort of their own homes. They are able to use the Smart Learning Pen included to learn about continents, countries, geography, cultures, age-appropriate world topics and much more and they an do this in not only English but in French too.

The Globe offers 19 English activities for users as well as 6 French activities too.

As well as learning where the countries are, you can learn the continent, capital, the population, currency of the country and learn historical facts about them too. You can even compare the area and population of 2 different countries.

There are over 220 countries to explore and find out about with over 4000 facts pre-progrmmed to the Globe. There are also 25 games to play and in addition, you can use tablet or smart phone to download the free dedicated APP which unlocks the amazing 3D Augmented Reality features, some features of this include landscapes, animals, landmarks and even dinosaurs! The App is available from the Apple Store and Google Play.

By using the app and your tablet or phone it really brings the Globe to life – there are over 500 AR interactive contents.

Turning this on is just a case of pressing a button on the pen and if left on un-used for a period it will automatically turn itself off to save the batteries. Batteries (3 x AAA) do come included with this Globe which is always a win for us parents.

The Globe features can only be accessed by using the pen but don’t worry it comes attached to the Globe so it won’t get lost at the bottom of a toy box somewhere.

SmartGlobe Adventure AR Review

The kids have really been enjoying this and even I have found it useful for picking up facts about the countries – and we have been using the newly learned facts to go head to head in the Ultimate Challenge mode which quizzes you on what you have learnt.

There is also a volume button on this and a repeat button should you miss what what being said.

We have found that the smaller countries need a little more precision to get the information about as it is a case of making sure the pen hits the correct part on the Globe but a steady hand and a little patience is all it takes, you can always just try again if you do get the wrong country the first time.

Priced at £59.99 and for ages 5+ this is a great gift to give for Christmas and one which will be used for many years.

Disclaimer: We received this item in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions have been independently formed.


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